Hey guys!

It’s Swat! That’s my name. You are probably wondering, why am I here? I believe that our purpose isn’t to be happy, but to become useful, by doing things that matter.

You will find my most intimate thoughts here.

  1. What is helloswat.com?

    Since November 17, 2018, I’ve been posting once every 24 hours.

    I explore ways to live a more useful life, by writing about things that matter.

    I discuss useful ideas in science, art, and the human potential.

    These 3 things can help us be more useful.

    - Science
    is left brain.
    - Artistic expression is right brain.
    - Human potential is generated in your heart.

  2. WHY…
    We become what we do. Here I share research and recipes for self-transformation, intrinsic motivation, and self-expression.

    You may find a nugget or two to apply to your life.

    Being less wrong, more often.

    Setting constraint: 1 post every 24 hours.

    A “don’t-break-the-chain” strategy to refine writing style, delivery, and content distribution.

    Each post builds up for the next post. Certain posts stand out, so we refine them, and chop out the fat to improve communication. Solve problems and connect through empathy.

    While allowing The Power of Compounding to present itself over time.

  4. PURPOSE…?
    - A blog creates autonomy for self-expression. A platform. A home. …without the distractions, algorithms, and noise of social media.

    - Allows for contribution to the greater whole.

    In the new paradigm we live in today, it requires humans to rigorously innovate. Writing and working creates order. In the pursuit of value based on the merging of science, art, and human potential.

    Each post is written for an “audience of one”.
    A space of reflect and produce innerstanding.


As an ENTP, we are known to be explorers.

Blogs allow me to push potential and write about it.

When one loses this somewhat spiritual human characteristic to seek it can totally derail them. This blog creates autonomy to capture innovative blueprints for innovative humans. Definitely recommend starting your own blog.



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