6 Books That Changed My Life

Everything you ever wanted is in a book.

Looking through my Evernote daily journals, between 2012-2017 there was a phase in my life where I was digitally unplugged from social media. During that time I read a bulk of the top self-development books. I was curious.

The books that really stuck with me most were related to the human potential.

I was grateful for books that helped me see the world differently. It gave color to concepts I had no access to from culture, school, or family.

Below are 6 books that helped me grow as a person, check ‘em out.

  1. Tribes


Author: Seth Godin
Subject: Leadership, Power of Leading a Group

  1. Power of Connecting: There’s massive value in connecting people together. It’s also easier than you think.

This book is 10 years old.

2. Inspirational: An inspirational blueprint for anyone who wants to make an impact on the world.

3. New World. Less Friction: The Internet has eliminated friction. We are no longer limited by doorkeepers, time, location, and money. The tools are bringing people together around ideas that they share. You can do it too. Lead your own tribe.

This book inspires you to lead.

It shares how leaders come in different forms and are not only extroverted people who love attention. But people who care.

A person can be in the background, creating a way for like-minded people to connect and move a cause forward. Leaders can emerge from anywhere.

Tribes make you see that a person with a vision, an idea, a cause, can make real change, and why it's important to get going on what matters to you and stop waiting for the perfect time, as the time is now.

It’s an easy read, short and to the point. Seth doesn't ramble on. He gives you an idea and you take it from there.

This idea was inspiration to our Host Therapy meetup group.

You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

2. You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Author: Dr. Joe Dispenza
Subject: Psychology, Self-Empowerment

If you want a miracle in your life, this is the book.

Chiropractor Dr. Dispenza talks about documented cases of people who reversed cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease by believing in a placebo. Yes, a placebo.

The author himself is a living example after recovering from a car accident that broke his spine in multiple places. Doctors said he would never walk again. The author was able to heal himself by spontaneous remission/healing without the use of surgery or medication.

The idea that sticks with me is if we can spontaneously cure cancer with our mind, what else can we do?

Get to know the author a bit more by checking out this audio.

The Biology of Belief: Unleasing the Power of Conciousness

The Biology of Belief: Unleasing the Power of Conciousness

3. The Biology of Belief

Author: Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Subject: Psychology, Self-Empowerment

This book is like better and updated version of PsychoCybernetics by Dr. Maltz (still has good excercises).

Everyone needs to read this book. Literally a life changer and eye-opener. Full of ah-ha moments. Lipton says that the physical world is imperfect and the invisible world is perfect.

How you feel determines if you grow or die…and this book snaps you into grow mode…gives you and our human race hope for the future.

He says environment is 50% of who you are. Keep in mind, in current western mainstream science, they do not support the invisible spiritual world.

The book gets detailed into the biology and genetics aspects of your mind affecting your body.

He describes how your thoughts literally tell your body what to do. Automatically…subconsciously 24/7/365.

This book will help you integrate and assimilate a lot of the woo-woo teachings directly from where you are without having to go to Tibet and sit on top of a mountain or fly down to Peru for an Ayahuasca ceremony.

The Physics of Miracles

The Physics of Miracles

4. The Physics of Miracles

Author: Richard Bartlett DC ND, Melissa Joy Jonsson
Subject: Psychology, Self-empowerment

Written by a chiropractor, this was one of the first books to help me see how I can just use “shift” my mind into a new way of thinking.

They discuss how we are in morphogenic field of conciouslness that is manipulated by the human mind.

Due to influences around us, we are being run in a matrix program, and by simply letting go of the program, you are giving space to allow new things to happen in your life.

It’s a bit difficult to follow at times, but has powerful ideas I haven’t found in other books.

What stuck with me is that massive change can happen to you from daily practice of LETTING GO to allow the space to receive the new things. We are the ones getting in our own way, from our past programming.


5. The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

by Gregg Braden

This book gives color to “The Law of Attraction” and basically scientifically proves that your thoughts are actual measurable energy. Plus its old news and not manufactured by the “New Age Movement”.

Book goes over scientific findings of the ability of energy particles to be influenced by thought. Braden says due to ego, money, and status quo the mainstream science and media is suppressing this knowledge and does not want to reveal the power.

They are also hiding evidence from ancient cultures who knew this power of thought.

He talks about ho actual scriptures from the Bible were eliminated through various translations.

These scriptures describe the power of thought creating reality which later morphed into prayers.

He also has amazing lectures that you should check out on Youtube.

crush it-gary-vaynerchuck - helloswat.jpg

6. E-Myth

Author: Michael Gerber

In my opinion, the E-Myth is a detailed version of what the 4-Hour Work Week is about. Gerber says most entrepreneurs don’t have a true business unless it can run itself without the owner being present.

Gerber uses McDonald’s as a blueprint. He says McDonald’s grew as a marketing and real estate acquisition company who happened to sell burgers.

They built a franchise system that anyone could buy and use…turn-key. This helped me think in building easy to use systems. It’s not a hard thing to do to just document what you do into step-by-step online training. Makes it super easy to hire new people.

Just send them a link to your training materials walking them through what you do. It also solves most of your headaches down the road and gives you the time to focus on the two things that grow business and generate income: Creating products/services and marketing them.