#057: Dude, why are you here? The Truth!

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No seriously though, why write on helloswat.com?

The silent whisperer of resistance says…

“No one reads blogs anymore bro…it’s all about _______” <— insert platform of choice.

“People will eventually not care, just post photos on instagram.”

“Post on Facebook. “

“Post on YouTube”

Go build there, and they will come.

Yes, my inner chatter has heard it all.

I get it Mister, there’s other options.

So I’m sure you’re wondering, as a reader you may ask, why are you actually here Swat?

I will reveal the truth.

Many reasons I do this. Few reasons I've accepted is beyond my understanding.

My last 365-day challenge

I started a 365-day "1 daily post" journey in 2015.

  • Start: Jan 7th, 2015

  • End: June 18, 2015

  • Days: 162

  • Posts: 94

  • Post rate: 94/162 - 58%

It abruptly ended with my last post onThis habit emerged around 1 post every 2 days. It was wonderful but…

I broke the chain.

The series of posts ended when my son was born on June 19, 2015. For more color on that see post #009: Endings Are New Beginnings.

This time around, I’m leading from my heart center. There’s something special about the creation process. Writing from zero then hitting publish. It didn’t exist before and now it does. There’s no reason to do it, other than that. Not breaking a commitment to myself for posting daily. A space away from home. Living on the ether.

  1. Creating my own environment:
    The blog is an ecosystem, separate from everything else. It’s a petri dish. Put your ideas into the petri dish and see what happens. A meme will emerge.

  2. Habit spreads like a virus: For personal development, if it affects at least one reader out there, I’ve done my job. Since it represents what I stand for. A daily personal blog is the ultimate self expression, a commitment to self, and daily kaizen. You fix one thing in life and it will reflect in other parts of your life. Communication power.

  3. Clear message to you: One day, if this blog is shared more publicly, my vision is that I will feel like I am writing from a space that is ME. Not fake, not contrived as a blog traffic hacker. Not trolling.  I will know exactly what I represent. What I stand for. If it alienates others, I'm ok with that. I wish you the best.

  4. Just start.
    I love the habit. The Process.
    The most enjoyable part, that I never thought would happen is that I enjoy writing now. What was pain before, is now a creative energy. Anyone can do it.

  5. My personal database for knowledge transfer:
    From sharing homes on Airbnb, I've been fascinated by transferring an experience to another person. At its core you are transferring information. Knowledge. You’re an expression. A communicator. Here my blog is my public notebook, an extension of me where I can share any link to convey feelings or ideas I want to share with friends, family, and readers.

  6. Communicate feelings: I appreciate great writing. Religious texts have spread around the world. With few words, beauty is written into texts by Rumi or Haiku poems. It’s an art.

  7. Language is evolving:
    Language came after the Egyptians. Before that communication was conveyed by spoken word or and possibly telepathy. It's all a way to convey a feeling which is a vibration. The word that you see, is just a placeholder to convey the feeling. So my goal has been taking steps to mastering ways to communicate feelings in multi-dimensional ways. Therapeutic telepathy. Mixed with a feeling of “you can do it”… it’s a feeling beyond motivational. It’s like a feeling of compassion for someone because we are of the same kind. Same race of humans. I enjoy being the catalyst to push you over the edge so you can grow your wings on your way down.

    Falling into flight.

  8. A place for me to learn, then teach.
    What is it about the personal blog that makes it interesting? People appreciate authenticity. But also spontaneous with personality. Not cold and calculated like how a corporation makes profit-based decisions. Historically, we enjoy reading honest thoughts of a fellow human describing the world that we live in. I wonder if everyone had their own blog what it would look like.

    We people figured things out. I learn through their experiences.

    How people did it. If everyone did it we would learn so much about how they tick. They would also learn about themselves. Connect with other like-minded people.

  9. Text is naked.
    It’s authentic. Without all the shiny objects.

    The whole world would be a happier place if everyone wrote an autobiography. If I didn’t like to write, these words wouldn’t be here.

Other thoughts

Not focused on growth. Focus on my 1 kick per day.

I’ve realized there’s 101 reasons why I shouldn't post.

There’s no shortage of distractions.

Although, as of today, the blog has 10x traffic from 30 days ago. According to blogging “specialists” I am doing it all wrong. They say …

  • Posting daily is “too much content for your readers”.

  • Know your audience, and target niche

  • Share your posts on social media platforms

  • Have a monetization strategy

They might be right.  But about discovery? What about kaizen? What about actually training to build skills?

Instead of focusing on getting better, I can either write about “what’s hot” and get “mad views”, or I can work towards a patient progression towards. How does that look? Where I do 1 post everyday. Then over time, the story will reveal itself. It will be obvious. I am waiting for that moment to see. For now it’s too early, and I’m having too much fun.

If that is what you need to do, I’d rather accept slow growth. Focus on the process to build the skills so being consistent becomes easier. Any success that comes from it, will be emergent. 

Allowing your story to reveal itself

Discovery. A pact with self.

In general my income is offline. So I don’t have to make money off of my blog.

I made a pact with myself, that I will just keep writing about what’s most important for me today.

If money isn’t a motivator, I feel you should not listen to what marketers say, and just focus on creating the habit.

If you have suggestions or ideas, let’s connect on IG: http://instagram.com/helloswat

- Swat @528hz

P.S. My nephew Dave Jam has departed from California (see post #16). It was an intense 5 weeks. I remember when he was in middle school and now he’s grown up. He’s a fitness guru with a routine that starts at 5 am. I learned so much from him. We always could talk about a wide array of topics. Most people don’t know he taught me a lot about writing. He was a songwriter for several years and it shows in his blog. helloswat.com wouldn’t be where it is today, if it wasn’t for his input.. It’s nice to have an awesome human being in your life. I’m proud of him

P.S.#2:  The blog went through an update. We now have an archive page and a new look. This is where my design thinking came from:

  1. Text: Followed Seths.blog mobile layout format.

  2. Formatting: Designed my blog formatting like medium.com articles.

  3. Audience tested: The reasoning is that they’ve been around for many years focused on text blogging, they’ve done the split testing for us. So leverage their experience to learn quickly.

  4. Colors: Use earth tones.

P.S.#3: My post archive is open. I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep my old posts around. The pundits say make sure every post is amazing. But I like to look back and see my progression. But I understand, readers want the best stuff and want to be able to find what they need quickly.

I’ve always been about productivity. Looking back, I’m proud of myself for thinking the way I did. Funny thing is at that time, I felt I was pushing myself. Now I feel I’ve evolved so much. So many more experiences have grown me.