#052: Show Up...Everyday

Often success comes after everyone else taps out.  

When everyone gives up, you’re standing there going through the motions.

There are 365 days in the year.

If two people who have the same exact routines who strive for the same goal, who would win?

  1. Person shows up 365 days straight

  2. Person shows up 150 days out of the year

Assuming both are equally effective, who has a higher chance of achieving the goal?

I would argue the the person that shows up 365 days of the year increases their chances. All they did was show up.

They have a higher probability because they are getting more chances to hit a home run. More “at bats”. More “stage time”.  

No matter what you plan on doing with your time, whether you’re an engineer, doctor, or an artist, it requires showing up. 

To increase our chances of achieving our #1 highest potential is showing up more often with a routine. Morning rituals are great.

Everyone will get their chance to shine.

Just keep showing up.

Often success comes after everyone else taps out.