#053: Detox ADHD Chaos onto PAPER


I grew up thinking I had ADHD. I still might have it. It’s so easy to get distracted.

It feels like chaos.

The data around ADHD is out of this world. From addrc.org 6.4 million between age of 4-17 have ADHD.

  • 75% of boys with ADHD are hyperactive.

  • 60% of girls with ADHD are hyperactive.

  • 40% of children who have ADHD have at least one parent who has ADHD.

Today I had a busy day. I knew I wasn’t going to make it by the end of it. I ended up feeling frustrated at around 8:30 pm. Knowing I should be going to bed.

It was a sense of overwhelm.

I remembered the quote from The Emerald Tablets:

”Quill all the chaos of emotions”

A quill is a feather where the tip is dipped into ink and used as a pen.

This was written 50,000 years ago.

So I tried it. It worked. I got all my emotions on paper. I then re-ordered it.

I did this before, but never realized it. Before I tried to write only when I was in a positive mood. Now when I feel flustered, I immediately put a writing pad and detox onto the paper.

The consequence of not quilling is we end up holding the the chaotic emotions. We won’t be able to make use of this information by holding it all in. The inner dialogue will rob you of your energy. Also, you may bring people down around you.

Let’s quill chaos onto paper. Create order. Free yourself.


We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.
— Archilochus

P.S. Create a routine.

Write If, Then statements.

Below is a simple system created for inner chatter.

Being aware of those transition moments, will help you cease the moment.

  • Routines: Create IF ______ THEN I WILL ____ statements.

  • Example:
    IF someone offers me sugar
    THEN replace with apple

    I actually did this on a Google Sheet below, try it yourself:

I have a worksheet you can use, just ask me for it @helloswat on the popular platforms.


These can become your habits. Or what I like to call laws you never break.


You can't be nice to chaos. Just write it down.