Fasting, Books, and Inner Experience

After spending some time with my nephew, he got me into intermittent fasting. It’s similar to other forms of religious fasting except I get to cheat with coffee. 

I’ve been doing it 5 out of 7 days per week.   

Start fasting: 8 pm every night 

Stop fasting: 4 pm 

Total: 20 hrs of fasting

Hardest thing: when you get tired, but I drink black coffee. Coffee is a meal suppressant, almost zero calories, and gives you a boost of energy.  

I use coffee as a meal suppressant.  

This has helped SO much for handling stress and making better decisions. 

What surprised me the most is my insatiable appetite for knowledge. I’ve gone through so many books. heres a few:

  • Idries Shah - The Sufis 
  • The Caravan - Idries Shah (1968)
  • The Sirian Experiments - Doris Lessing  (1980)
  • Almost everyday Krishnamurti audios (he spiritual force behind Bruce Lee) 

As you can see, I’m completely in stoic study. Which is the idea that an idea is not understood until it is experienced. Otherwise, it’s a theory. There’s no “skin in the game”.