#064: Are you 3 feet from GOLD?

...and all you have to do is show up?

Why? Because it’s all you ever wanted. The relationship, financial, or health goal has become an obsession. How would life change by just being present for one hour per day?  

Inc.com states that the number one reason why people never hit their goal is because they QUIT. They didn’t show up when they said they would. 

There was a time when I failed. I was under pressure as a father and I stopped showing up.

I left a cushy job in pursuit of a career in receiving cash flow from apartment complexes in Texas.  I wanted the freedom that it offered.

I was misunderstood by everyone. 

I worked for 2 years underwriting for banks. “Running the numbers”. 

No one understood why I was doing what I was doing.

But deep inside, I knew I was onto something.

Something big. 

The relationship

A few years ago I promised a family office that I would do everything in my power to get apartments for them in Texas. We met at an investment group that I helped organize. After we traded contact info, they called me between 8-9 am for week and told me to visit their office.

I left LA and went to Texas. We worked together. They spent weeks interrogating me. I had dinner with the family several times. They would never let me pay. They introduced me to their friends at church. They paid for my hotel. When I flew in the 2nd time, I drove their cars. They wanted to see if I was someone they could trust.

They managed a $30 million dollar credit line in their past when they owned a car dealership.  They didn’t trust anyone.  

They were transitioning into real estate and wanted big cash flow apartments.

They paid my consulting time. We chose land. We had an architect draw plans. The bank approved. I met the builder. It was all lining up…

They bought 16 houses in 12 months starting with 0 experience. When most newbies do 1-2 houses max.

I don’t know what they saw in me, it was a mix of trust and I was at the right place, at the right time.

It sounds all super big, but it was just a group of people making calls and visiting job sites. We related on psychology and self-help books.

We perfected processes for rehabs and construction build outs.

They had the system perfected. They were on fire.

They built relationships. They returned their calls. They were in the office everyday at 8-9 am making calls first thing. They were pure businessmen.

This was it. If I do this, I will know how to build apartment complexes from the ground up. This was my dream.

This was what 2 years of constant effort lead me to. It’s showtime.

What did I do after starting the project? I left. ...because my son was born. They wanted me back in Texas in a week. I said I need at least 3-6 weeks.  The people I cared about said they’re sharks. I buckled. They might be right. They were aggressive. But they were the real deal.

After all the money and time they invested in me, the momentum was building up. They felt betrayed. They wouldn’t return my calls.

I can’t blame them. They were right, I couldn’t be trusted. Why? 

I told them I wouldn’t leave.

But what did I do? I left mid-project.

Why do they need me if the apartment is half way done by the time I get back?

They’re now established developers in North Texas.

The top construction market in the country.  

Which leads me to today…

A couple years ago, I asked my friend David Lehre for a book recommendation. He told me…

“The Alchemist”.

I opened the book today and landed on this page...

`From the book The Alchemist.

`From the book The Alchemist.

The only thing holding you back is yourself.

Somehow when we’re about to see what wr’ve Been waiting for, we forget the sacrifices we made, and we stop.

Not knowing that this moment was meant for us.

If we don’t give ourself the chance, we cheat ourselves into a life we may never want.

Only to realize later, we were 3 feet from gold...

How would life change if we spent 45 mins per day to move a few inches closer? Just by being present? 

Why not show face?