#066: Simple Ideas That Compound

Simple things compound over time.

Simple things compound over time.

  1. Struggle Is Good
    It’s through tough situations that you create perspective and skill.

  2. Give Without Expecting Something In Return
    Don’t keep score. You will become a bitter person if you do that. Give solely for the joy of giving. If you get something in return, great, if you don’t, great.

  3. Keep A Journal
    No, keeping a journal is not for children. It helps you think on paper. It helps you distill everything in your mind to become a better thinker and writer. “I don’t want to be a writer” you might think. Well, how many emails and texts do you send a day? Everybody is a writer.

  4. Take More Risks
    Don’t be such a wimp.

  5. Learn Every Day
    You’ve got to train your brain to stay alert. You don’t have to read a book a day to learn every day. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the people around you — be open to what they can teach you.

  6. Don’t Blame People
    What’s the point? Do you want to punish them? You don’t do that to people. Also don’t blame yourself — you’re only human.

  7. Create Something
    Switch from passive input to output. Not to leave a legacy, you won’t be here to see it anyway, but to be of use. Make music, write a book, build a table, anything. You’ll feel good about yourself, plus you give something back to people to use or enjoy.