#065: Are you under a spell? Power of Words

Don’t believe the hype that blogs are dead.

I’ve heard someone say, “noone reads anymore, there’s no point”.

I disagree. Do you write emails? Do you text message? Do you apply for work? Do you communicate your work to someone?

Then you’re already a writer.

In this post, I just wanted to touch upon the power of writing.

How a string of words can be leveraged.

History: The Power of Words  

Did you know Real Estate Law was created by The British? 

The British expanded their empire by using contracts. They would take a napkin, write land coordinates, and say this land is now owned by XYZ Corporation. You want it back? Fight our British Military first. 

When I realized this, I found that humans have been giving away their power for centuries. In return for nothing. 

Lionel Messi’s first contract was on a napkin.

Lionel Messi’s first contract was on a napkin.

  • When you go to work to pay for a mortgage, you’re just executing a 30-year worded contract.  

  • When we sign a car loan, it’s just words.

  •  A text message can be used in law.

See how text is powerful? 


History of Language

Why was written language created?

To communicate history (religion)...and to control human labor (government, corporations, banking). 

Today, words continue to act as control mechanisms.

Powerful use of words

1. Words can transfer ownership of land.

You write leases to control land.

1 paragraph can control billions of dollars of real estate.

One word in front of the other...like this post.


These words are upheld by the US Court System backed by police and military. That’s why contracts work. 

2. Words can direct an army. 

3. Words can direct labor. 

Example: How to build a simple blog post?

4. Words are spells. 

That’s why it’s called ‘spelling’.

You can engage a human by a document.

A contract for labor. If you work on a contract to build a house for a price.  That is power. 

5. Word = Communication Like Telepathy 

Transferring complex ideas with text. 

Therefore, you will see the effect

6. Journaing and Record keeping

Reading text is experiencing the same idea twice.

What if we ignore this power? We lose the power of manifesting our future and will live working for someone else’s contract.

So bring your ideas into reality. Play with words, bring them to life. Create your own ecosystems with mantras on the wall. Control your contracted labor with clear instructions.

Put your plans on a blog. Take back the power of words.