#062: Why work OUT LOUD? The Power of Transparency

I’m not the first person to think this way.

But this could be the most powerful thing you can do right now to bring their dreams into reality. You don’t even need to tell anyone you’re doing it.

To post everything you’re doing online, while you grow. Sounds weird.  

It’s a forgotten culture.

History repeats itself. 

One of my favorite authors, Ray Dalio (net worth $18B) states that radical transparency is key. It creates agreements, obvious logic that make sense, and allows ideas to spread quickly.

The side effect is continuous growth by taking away “closed door” secrets, the ones where the guys at the top hold all the power.

We’re being mislead...by the masses

I see a lot of people stuck, and I feel I know why.

A lot of it has to do with this worship of the human image on social media (Ex. Kardashians). Then people thinking this is the way to liberation on this planet.

Real vs. Fake Transparency

I’m human like you. If I post things online, if It’s honest, I feel naked. It’s not easy. I’m fearing of being judged.

But let’s say I embellish a bit.

I give off an image.

I might temporarily feel good at the moment. But now, since it’s not 100% true, it becomes a secret. A secret, has power. I have to keep it going to maintain the “image”.

Secrets have power.  

If we look back at our society of the past 100 years, the secrets are coming out. We learn that these secrets created great power over humanity.

However the problem is, no matter how much money and influence you have, you can’t hide a secret. Either you live in fear of someone finding out (the power it has) or you release it. Now it has no power over you.

But when you let them go, it’s liberation. It creates a foundation to build on. Your mind is set free.  

Be a recorder.  

Just record events. What happened today? What did you learn? 

Transparency builds trust. Organically.

Not only do you benefit by looking back at your personal development, you leverage the value of transparency is it allows others to connect the dots with your knowledge.

It’s authentic.  

Memes cause are ideas to spread rapidly.   A transferring of thoughts.   Your timeline becomes a meme. Shareable.  

Memes cause are ideas to spread rapidly. 

A transferring of thoughts. 

Your timeline becomes a meme. Shareable.  

Instead of holding back what you know, share it. Others are now learning from you. They can take that dot and connect it to their matrix. 

Problem: We can’t be everywhere at one time to share our “dot”.

Vision: Put what you do today, online.

Then build on it. Learn from it. 

This becomes the dot you share. So others can connect the dots.

But it serves you in an honest way. It creates a life of its own.

Each layer you put on it becomes a foundation for you. You will be proud of it. It’s honest. You don’t have to delete it. You don’t have to hide.

It also builds trust. It allows people to get to know you while you sleep. 

How did Airbnb become #1 hotelier in the world without owning property? Creating a system that allows buyers and sellers of space to see real reviews by real people on what happened when they stayed at the listing. They helped others connect the dots.

They created a transparency platform.

How can I do it?: just like you text a friend, publish it publically. Each little thing you learn that matters to you. Learn publically. Fail publically.

You might not realize it, but we’re learning from you.

You’re already doing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Post about what moves your soul.  

It will carry a life of its own.  

It’s said that we created language because we forgot.  

Others say it was created for rulers to control over the barbarians.

Words are spells. That’s why they call it ‘spelling’. 

Words are spells. That’s why they call it ‘spelling’. 

Words are not dead.

Not when a human can control billions of dollars of real estate by holding a document in front of you. When a contract is just a series of spelled words. A spell. A form of magic that controls the masses into listening to you because you hold the spell. 

They appear dead on paper, but that’s not the purpose of a word.

Word is a vehicle. A form of transportation for your mind. A meme. A word can infect. They are portals to remember something you already knew. A word can open a door.

Ex. Meet us at Starbucks at 9 am, c’mon let’s go. 

Words in its simplest form is an idea that sits in the ether. Each word holds an emotion...or in metaphysics it holds an energetic vibration.

In our collective conciousness.

When someone reads it they telepathically transport to a place where the word was born.  

Leverage the power of words. Leverage the power of connecting to people with zero friction.

Leverage your knowledge with transparency. Authentically. 

This is pure 80/20 rule. Using 20% of the things you do in life to get 80% of your results. 

 Work out loud