#059: Why am I NOT DOING what I really WANT TO DO?

Basically, if you want to become something, just do it...a lot. Even if have zero experience.

Wait what did you say Swat? 

A few years ago I went through a ton of self-help books. I was looking for the secret. The one thing. The idea that would change my life.

I tried all the stuff. Visualization, reading statements every morning, only to realize I am trying to brainwash myself.

It wasn’t until I started looking at life through the goggles of the secret science of alchemy, did I understand the true nature of the matrix we live in.  

The chemical nature of our planet, our life, and our existence. 

It made way more sense than brainwashing myself through visualization.  

We lost the meaning. 

Spiritual alchemy is concerned with freeing your spiritual self which is trapped within a matrix of your fears, personal beliefs, and stories.

Often created by someone you never met. 

Spiritual alchemy is multi-colored. It just makes sense and is ultimately concerned with transformation and change.

 3 ways to see it...

  1. Life purpose: You become, what you do. What you do, becomes you.  
  2. Environment/Culture: What’s around you, becomes you. 
  3. Social Influence: What you become, affects those around you.

If you’re living on Earth in 2019 A.D., then you’re experiencing some form of transformation or change.

You also might not be aware of the extent of how it’s being used by you or against you.

How does this apply to my life?  

I realized our lives fall into bubbles like little petri dishes.

Yes, those little dishes you used in 7th grade. You did an experiment with a droplet of bacteria only to come back to see it spread. 

photo: You start with a blank slate and end up somewhere at #2. What’s your daily disinfectant? 

photo: You start with a blank slate and end up somewhere at #2. What’s your daily disinfectant? 

We are lead to believe our environment is our entire world, but it’s really what’s mixing in your field in the 30 foot radius around you.

This is what you’re becoming by chemically transforming into what’s around us.

I just think that’s cool. It’s way more simple than trying to indivially practice law of attraction by believing I never have to pay bills again. I can just get around the energy of what I want to become. With access to EDU from the internet, we can manipulate our environments and reality to create a Petri dish at home. Work. Play. We’re already doing it.

I am just a molecule sitting in a petri dish.

I am limited by what’s in it. But can create opportunity choosing what to bring in.

You can design your own petri dish or you can live in someone else’s.

A petri dish is a culture.

Your home is an environment too. How does a candle or plant affect your mood?

My phone as of today.    Logo to remind me to not break-the-chain on the daily post.  

My phone as of today. 

Logo to remind me to not break-the-chain on the daily post.  

Your phone is its own Petri dish.

What do you see when you press the home screen? Everything that is on your home screen is  training your subconcious.

What ‘molecules’ on your phone could be distracting you without you knowing it?

If we don’t take control of our petri dish we risk getting viruses. Parasites. That eat away at our life energy. Our attention. They’ve designed apps for their survival. Not yours.

To change, we literally have to change on a chemical level. It’s not hard, now that you are aware of it.

A new idea will spark chemical change in you.

There’s nothing to worry about once you’re aware. Just relentless keep removing one layer at a time.  

One day at a time. 


P.S. Design the inside your home. Loop good vibes. It works. We create environments when we design homes. We create petri dishes for relaxation. We put a candle, natural oil scents, and an inspiring painting right at our entrance. The energy from your first impression, will carry throughout the home.

P.S. #2: You can create a blog to start your own Petri dish. A blog is an isolated environment independent of influence. Allow alchemy to happen. It’s a closed environment for the development of you and your ideas.