#058: I have no free will


One day, I realized I have no free will.

I’m on auto drive. Literally.

If you see my last 22 days, you can predict my next 22 days.

You already know my future.

If my body was 1 organism, 1 molecule…made of many parts…

All my past memories are in me, like a computer hard drive.

If you ask me a question, it accesses my hard drive. That’s it. Nothing more… unless I consume new information, and do the same thing over and over again for 66 days until it becomes a habit. 

Fact: 1 gram of DNA stores 700 TB of data.

Your body is a hard drive, literally.
My brain plays the same files, everyday.

Your body has WIFI. It is sending information everywhere via your thoughts reading your data storage.

DNA is a blueprint that tells the “construction worker” to build your body using proteins. Your body is reading this blueprint. What you store in your body becomes you.

If there’s an invader file disguised as everybody else, you’ve got a virus. Fasting is defrag for your soul.

Most thought is not conscious. 95% of thoughts are subconscious based on past reality. The brain is primal and just wants its basic needs met. It doesn’t want to think and will reference what it’s done in the past.

Humans don’t like change. Even though there’s nothing constant in our universe. It takes 22-66 days to create a habit, which becomes a new way of thinking.

We become our environment. The body is 60-65% water - the Dr. Emoto experiments prove that words affect the molecules in your body. The words you say create order or disorder. Your environment is bouncing around and creates 50% of what you feel. You become the energy around you.

The food we eat is what we become. That’s why fasting is defrag for you body. So your body breaks down toxins, worldly thoughts, and other undesirables for energy. Allowing your mind to roam free. Free from intruders. Free from thinking about what to eat.

After removing files, you can introduce new ideas.

To change, we must chemically change.

You are the lock and the key.  

See, know, hear, and feel the new you.  


Laguna Beach sunset 

Laguna Beach sunset