#055: 5 Reasons Why I Loop Audio

…and why most information sucks

Read time: 4 mins

This is as a cheat code for life.

I keep listening to the same audio on loop. Over and over again.

Everything we listen to has a vibration.

I’ve been doing it for a few years.  

I’m currently looping The Emerald Tablets in audio form.

My wife and daughter can attest to my looping behavior and know my playlist.

After explaining myself a few times to people in person,  I thought I would share this HACK. This will accelerate your learning. Loop on 2x speed until you understand the concept. Loop while you take a walk. Loop while you work on the actual task you're trying to learn. Loop while you sleep to program your subconscious.

This post will explain why this is so simple yet scientifically effective.

It all started when I heard Tim Ferriss state most information is useless. It’s junk food for the mind.

You only need to know a few things in life. The stuff that resonates with you. The stuff that works.

Time.com states humans have a shorter attention span than the gold fish. 8 second attention span!

Information is like junk food…most of it is sucks

Humans love new information. We just eat it up and want more.

That’s why we gravitate towards watching the news. Or binge on gossip. Watch weekly shows. Catch the latest football or basketball game.

We fear missing out on the latest thing.

However, most information is useless.

Even downright unhealthy for your mind, like cable news.  :shudder:

There’s nothing new under the sun.

Simply, listening to looped audio is one of my cheat codes to learning tough stuff fast.

You can download someone's experience into your subconscious by listening to it 100x.

You literally download their experience into your DNA. A real storage format. We are walking hard drives.

Like the movie Matrix, we can download any powerful idea to our subconscious just by hearing it over and over again.

5 Reasons Why Looped Audio Will Change Your Life

Words have power. 50-65% of the human body is water.

Words have power. 50-65% of the human body is water.

  1. Think in vibrations:
    Life is a series of moments. Moments are a series of moods and emotions. Emotions are vibrations and frequencies. A frequency can be scientifically measured as a sacred geometric structure. Meaning every emotion has a shape.

    Dr. Emoto, in his water experiments proved that positive and negative feelings have a multidimensional shape. If you repeat the energy, you can experience the feeling over and over again.

    Remember that song…the one you listened to over and over again until you got tired of it?

    Ya same idea, you like the feelings it gives you.

    That’s why you can meditate on symbols and music. They are so effective on humans.

    Dr. Dispenza states that 50% of our mood is based on the environment. Certain vibrations like 528 hz can create a healing environment. Just by looping the track.

  2. Why it’s a cheat code:
    Information is what’s left after experience. If you listen to the same instructions over and over again the information becomes a part of you. You literally download it into your DNA. If you need to pass an exam, just record it onto audio and listen to it 100x, you will remember it.

  3. DNA is musle memory. A storage device.
    Harvard took 700 TB of data and stored it onto 1 gram of DNA.

    Your body is walking hard drive with WIFI.

    Don’t believe me? What happens if you play the theme song to your favorite show from childhood? Does it bring back memories?

    Music carries frequencies with information.

    It's that simple.

    You can download a YouTube video, cut the goodies out, and store it your body...Bam, upgraded. Just like Neo in the movie Matrix where he downloads multiple fighting styles. Eventually your subconscious will bleed into your reality and you will see things happening from the audio. True alchemy.

  4. Influence your subconscious:
    Most of what we do is influenced by someone else. Why not take the power back?
    Looping the same audio everyday while you work, is the fastest way to experience knowledge, which creates wisdom. We experience 70,000 thoughts per day. Most of those thoughts are subconscious. These thoughts are auto-directing your life. Dr. Dispenza states that 50% of our mood is based on the environment. Meditation can create an environment for yourself while chaos is around you.

  5. Speed of implementation - Fastest way to learn something new:
    When you take action, things embed in you.
    Applied knowledge, becomes wisdom.
    Or in other words, experience + knowledge = wisdom.
    Experiential knowledge becomes apart of who you are over time.

If we keep letting in new information, we risk information overload and junk data that we have to purge later. We also can’t focus on the data we want.

Tim Ferris states we mostly consume fear based information “Just-in-Case”. But the only information that is useful is what we can use today, he calls it “Just-in-Time” information.

How do I know if a track is loopworthy?

If it resonates with you. If it inspires your soul. If it triggers you in the right way. But you don’t need the WHOLE SONG. Just use the piece that resonates with you, and get rid of the rest. Then create a playlist with your loopworthy tracks.

How do I create my own “loopworthy” tracks?

  1. YouTube to MP3: use this to download the track into mp3.

  2. Trim the mp3 to the juicy parts that resonate with you.

    1. Web-based:
      A) Audio Trimmer - https://audiotrimmer.com/
      B) MP3 Cut - https://mp3cut.net/

    2. PC / MAC:
      MP3 Trimmer - I use this one all the time. You can use it offline.
      Only issue: $12.95 to buy but free if you wait 10 seconds for it to load everytime you open it. 

Try it for yourself.

If you have any tracks that are loopworthy let me know!

Check out some of the songs I listen to on loop.