#050: Cultivate a Superpower. Become The New 1%

Cultivating focus is the new superpower. The new 1%

I like surfing the interwebs. There’s fresh new content everywhere I go, if I was a kid with a cell phone, it’d be tough to get bored. Too much to see.

They’re spending billions in market research to get your attention.

So they can sell your attention on a global marketplace.


Below: 61% of young adults use streaming over cable.

Instant gratification by design.


Streaming services make sense and they cater to you. When, how, and where you want it. Instant gratification with almost no ads. All the apps are gearing towards instant gratification. People are going to have trouble paying attention.

If you think about the long-term then you can really make good life decisions that you won’t regret later
— Jeff Bezos

Corporations number one productivity killer is distraction.

If you don’t focus on your most important task at the moment you can deplete energy, make mistakes, and take longer to do things.

It’s all about the long-term.

What does apple know about this trend? Apple could be the first trillion dollar company.

They should know what’s coming.

iOS 12 offers tools to block apps. A sign of where the future is going.

iOS 12 offers tools to block apps. A sign of where the future is going.

On iOS 12 they now have tools that will let you to create time limits on app usage. A way to block app usage. This is great.

This also show we want our attention back.

See what apps you're using most.

See what apps you're using most.

Those who are able to focus and not get distracted by the new wave of technology tools, will become the new 1%.

Just by being able to focus.

Cultivating focus is a superpower.