1. Consulting

Thanks for your interest in working with me.

I am available for a very limited amount of consulting engagements. Because of this, I only work with a handful of clients, and my rates are high.

However, I can do this via phone, Skype, or in-person—my location or yours.

I can advise you or your team in the following subject areas:

  • Business analysis on vision, strategy, and core values
  • Asset Management
    • Acquisition Strategy

    • Rehab & Stabilization Planning

    • Deal structuring

    • Operations & site visit analysis

  • Acquisitions and Due Diligence

    • Financing & Private Equity

    • Market Surveys & Analysis

    • Unit by Unit Inspections

    • Operational Analysis

    • Lease and File Audits

  • Data analytics - I also have experience in corporate strategy using  data analytics tools:
    • Big data, google analytics, datawarehousing (Apps like: SAP, Oracle, Business Objects, Webi, etc. )

Regardless of the topic, my goal is to help you find new opportunities for growth, use the most efficient systems and technologies, and achieve break-through results.

If you want to explore how I can help you in one of these areas, or request my confidential fee schedule, please contact swat@swatkhan.com 

2. Video

For any corporate video marketing for social media go to: VendettaStudios.com

3. Want to send us deals? 

Why do we purchase Income Properties?

Our group's main focus is to educate and benchmark The Warren Buffet's Philosophy of Berkshire Hathaway in real estate. We buy properties that are mismanaged to stabilize and hold for long-term 3-5+ years. These assets throw off monthly cash flow that you can live off of. These properties will always require adding value through rehab, stabilizing occupancy, management processes, staff re-training, converting owner-paid utilities to tenant-paid, etc.

For more, see below for our criteria. 


Our Website:

Republec - Investment Group and consulting: http://www.republec.com

The Funding Warehousehttp://www.thefundingwarehouse.com



Our current acquisitions purchasing
criteria for mismanaged Income Properties. Send us a deal and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. 


1. Mismanaged Mobile Home Parks

  • 40+ spaces
  • 50%+ Tenant Owned Homes
  • Near city of 100,000 population


  • City Water
  • City Sewer
  • Individually metered electric

Value plays:

  • Below Market rents
  • Mismanagement

2. Mismanaged Apartment Buildings

  • 50+ units
  • 75% occupied or higher
  • Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona - Near metro population 100,000
  • C or better area
  • C or better property
  • 1980+

Value Add / Play

  • Mismanagment
  • Owner paid utilities
  • Below market rents
  • 50-70% occupancy

3. Join my private buyers list

Want to join my private buyers list to be the first one to get updated on off-market income properties? Email me at: swat@republec.com with the subject line: "add me to your buyers list"