What Does #one Mean To Me - Anika

When I think #one, I think #oneworld, #onelove #onepeople

I think about how people should treat others with respect and love. I think about how we are all each just a part of the human race. No one is better than the other, we are all brothers and sisters that should be supporting and loving each other. 

I think of the day when you will see someone on Wall Street treating the man on the corner to a good meal and good conversation. Learning how that person got to that point and bonding on a personal level. And how this is a normal occurrence, not the subject of a beautiful and heartwarming YouTube video. 

I think about an Imam, a priest, and a Rabi having a friendly, informative, and respectful conversation about their faith and walking away as friends. 

I think of a transkid feeling accepted and safe with his/her peers without hesitation.

I think of going around the world and bringing people together.

When I think #one, I think of meeting someone on the street that I may have absolutely nothing in common with initially and striking up conversation, but having us both walk away feeling connected because we were open to each others' views.

When I think #one, I just think love and unity.

That's what #one means to me.

Anika Khan