The California Free Trade Zone

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March Free Trade Zone of Riverside (MFTZR). Come visit us.

We expedite the last mile.

We get your product to your customer, faster.

We save you time. We’re customer centric.

We can customize the infrastrcture to meet your unique customer needs. Find out how by calling (949) 637-1475

Youre a day ahead, 8 hours, to the positive of your mission. So if the customer, amazon most important featuer is the customer, make the custom happy. So for prime, theyre going to get it in 2 days. Their Amazon Prime model, by going through March Inland Port, they can get the product a day sooner. We know their products come from China go to LA port, then goes to March base. You gain a day, from port to customer. For big business we eliminate the customs congestion. It is an impediment is the time.

For big business, there are multiple ways to approach this, we get you to your customer, a day sooner, the expediency. A day closer to your customer, with your goods.

Brands in

Be like Amazon, and get your product to your customer hands sooner.

How are we better than Ontario?

  • We promote the best logistics solutions for you. It would depend on where your product is going and your needs. The big 3 logistic hubs are in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County and Riverside county. MFTZR.

  • Most fresh foods, for example 90% of avocados come from from Northern San Diego County and South Riverside County. The closest cargo airport is the MFTZR. Our zone is ready to help you ship your cargo by air.

  • You’re getting in on the ground floor.

  • We’re less congested.

  • We have the free trade zone

  • We’re a half hour closer to east coast

  • More development opportunities.

What does Amazon promise?

What did Amazon do? they bought millions of square foot. Instead of working with UPS, they have brought in in-house shipping and air cargo.

What does Amazon offer?

Millions of customers that trust Amazon, and trust that the product will arrive after paying. Only 2 businesses have gone to Trillion dollar business. Customer self-servie and cutting out the

What’s the opportunity for me?

Brands in our Free Trade Zone:

  • Amazon

  • Skechers

  • Aldi

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts

  • Proctor & Gamble

  • Walgreens

  • Floor & Decor

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#1 Our 3500 acres located in Free Trade Zone will become the logistics capital of the world. This is due to a direct link between 2 continents and the 2 largest economies located in China to North America. We have the infrastracture to build. 45% of our community travels to LA county. This is a great opportunity for businesses to employ.

Amazon bought the air cargo to fly products to Hawaii, because they can control the customer experience for Hawaiins customer.

Increase tax base

UCR will be like a UCLA and UCI.

We are 10 miles from UCR a thriving community of young workers.

Monetizing- $60k-250k

Event Organizers

  • Emmett Keith-Jones, General Manager, Scout

  • Gary Gosliga, Airport Director

  • Swat Khan