1 out of 3 Americans can’t afford housing.


100,000,000 Americans are making less than $36,000 per year. Based on FHA guidelines for “New Home Loans”, borrowers are only eligible for around 25% of their monthly income, or $750 per month for housing.

With average US rent now at $1100 per month, 1 out of 3 Americans can’t affordable housing in most major metro cities.

The Need. The Emerging Market.

We see a huge opportunity in the next 10-20 year to solve a difficult problem. There’s a major emerging need for efficiently built yet desirable homes. Living with less, but having the functionality of a typical apartment.


My goal is to serve this emerging market by accelerating the use of pre-fab modular homes. I am involved in a development project to use them as rentals. After we test it out, we can offer first-hand experience in using pre-built homes that can be delivered anywhere. You just let us know where.

Long-Term Vision

Like Amazon, customer chooses a modular home, pushes a button to “Buy Now” and puts down a deposit. The home is delivered to the customer’s location, then make the final payment. There will also be financing available similar to a car payment. We expect that if you were to rent out your space, it would cover this payment, therefore the investment would pay for itself.


With off-grid utilities becoming more affordable (incinerator toilets, solar, etc), we could see a future with 100% off-grid turn key units delivered to vacant parcels.

Project MVP: Modular Home in Sylmar

The home pictured below is currently in Sylmar, CA. I’ve been following this project very closely for the past 18 months.

It is in the process of being permitted in the County of Los Angeles.

These homes are built off-site and dropped off at location turn-key.

Your timeline and construction costs make or break the development of your housing project.


Why Modular?

Off-site Construction

Order and get your unit delivered to any address you specify.

This reduces delays due to weather, purchasing, and sub-contractor scheduling.

The modular homes bring certainty, precision, and efficiency to your project so you can focus on what you do best.

Based on your needs, we connect our resources to build high quality, durable homes that provide a great experience with the latest technology.

Quicker project turnover.

By building modular in a factory, in parallel to your site work, you can complete your project 50-70% faster. That means you can refinance, sell or rent out faster.

Less disruption.

By building off-site it reduces neighborhood friction by at least 60%. Off-site construction means less noise, traffic, and waste.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, drop me a message.