Branding and Product Creation for Mike Young & Double Star

As a business we want to spend time doing tasks at the top of this pyramid. Information products are high lifetime value tasks. 

As a business we want to spend time doing tasks at the top of this pyramid. Information products are high lifetime value tasks. 

Note from Swat to Mike:

Hi Senior, 

It was nice meeting you over at the office. I created this custom page for you.

The vision is to create an additional income stream for the real estate business through information products. Below is the outline based what we talked about. 

Call me after you read this 310.651.1786

- Swat

Consulting contract download: 

Contract for the media services. 

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How will this work? 

Information product

Information product

Once we agree on a concept, we will go to work. We will start with getting a basic product out to the market, then test with investors from the investment club. As we get feedback, we improve the product along the way. 

What is the project?

  • Project: Information and video products for Mike Young & Co.
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Outcome: Build a content platform (website) that manages and sells products and services that solve the pains, problems, and needs of our targeted niche customer. 

How are we going to create the product?: 

The fastest way to get this done is through the lean startup method.

Just build, test with customers, learn what we need to fix, then improve. Then build again.

Another way to look at it is create a minimal test product, then keep adding features based on what the customers want. 

What will I be getting? 

  1. Website with 5 module course: Included
  2. Meetup group management: included
  3. Seminar management: Included
  4. Logo design and branding: Yes
  5. Written content: 1 article published per week on blog or bigger pockets. 
  6. Video: 1 posted weekly
  7. Blog posts: 1-2 weekly
  8. 1 company trailer: Included (I was doing this for you).

Where do we work from? 

  • Location: From home and Tyler offices on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday during the project duration. 
  • Team: Mike Young & Co., Swat Khan (Consultant, Project Manager)
  • Resources: Video camera, backdrop, lighting, website. Products will be digital. 

Can you tell me more about information products? 

1. "Winning Before We Get Started" Summary

  • Win beforehand - target your niche with precision and intention to give yourself the highest chance of success. 
  • Niches are NEEDS - think in needs of the investor and we'll find the needs
  • Look for customers who are looking for you. 
  • Every product is a mini-niche business in itself. 
  • People are about twice as motivated by fear than they are by desire

2. The Big Mistake

  • Most experts try to sell THEMSELVES and their EXPERTISE
  • People don't want to buy you or your knowledge. They want to know how the product will solve their pain or problem or create massive pleasure for them. 

3. Levels of "Information" and how to conceptualize them

People want to buy: 

  • Information products
  • Emotion products: Solving a pain, frustration, problem or get massive pleasure from the product. 
  • Action product: A product that you can take action right when you get it. 
  • Result product:  mapping out the business processes, products and services

4. An Expensive Mistake to Avoid

  • Do NOT spend a lot of time on your information product working to "perfect" it before you launch it. 
  • The longer you work on something without testing it, the more likely it is to fail.
  • The "Success Story" that wasn't. It's better to launch it, test it, and adjust course along the way. 

5. Product creation process:


The Lean Startup method


1. Targeting your niche (flipping houses)

2. Narrowing and testing your niche 

3. Formatting content for value

4. Creating your product

5. Serializing your content

6. Packaging your product for highest price

6. Marketing product 

7. Creating your elevator pitch

8. Designing your landing page

9. Creating your newsletters

10. Architecting your sales conversion process. 

11. Attracting affiliates, launching

12. Advertising, partnerships, and events