Hint: You can skip the text and just click “DOWNLOAD” on all the tracks. Come back and read later.

Hint: You can skip the text and just click “DOWNLOAD” on all the tracks. Come back and read later.

Download these tracks. Loop it.

Use music to increase productivity.
Point your mind like a laser.

Read time: 3 mins

We are humans. An infinite soul bounded by a physical body on earth. Limited time. Finite.


What if we could do more with less time? What if there was a secret to increasing productivity? 2x? 5x? 10x? 100x? What is that worth to you?

On this page, I share a curated list of audio mp3’s that I’ve used for years. They are hand selected. They apply to people, entrepreneurship, and life. Pretty much everything. I have it on a playlist on my phone, and I will loop it in airplane mode during deep work hours.

Try it, it’s free. You have nothing to lose.


Each one of them can be used to create an environment such as…

...Doing “the #onething that makes everything easier or unnecessary”.
deep work hours.
…using a blueprint for business

‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’
— Nikola Tesla

Add tracks your daily ritual.

Point your mind like a laser.

The best way to start is download all the files and drag it to your Android or iPhone playlist and label the play list as MORNING VIBES.

Check out these links for more background information on how music affects you…

MUSIC for DEEP WORK #onething

Perfect for:
“Doing the #onething, first thing in the morning, that will everything easier or unnecessary.”

  1. Heart = 4000x more powerful than brain

What if you could heal yourself with a frequency?
I use this track everyday. It’s AMAZING.

: Most holds a frequency but modern music is distracting. Constantly changing music is a distraction.
Solution: Listen to a frequency tuned to love. The most powerful healing energy.

>> Read More: Why is the heart the most important energy center?

2. Other epic tracks for ridiculous deep work:

Loopworthy?: Yes. Perfect.


THE Meditation RITUAL

3. Daily Centering Exercise by Jose Silva

Loopworthy?: No just do excercise 1-2x per day. Keep it on your phone.

Not just any meditation exercise, it was designed through extensive research by Jose Silva in the 1950’s to increase brain function. Used by leaders in multiple fields.

A) Problem: too many meditation exercises have no proven data. You never know what you’re listening to on YouTube.
B) Solution: Silva Method Meditation. Practice 2x daily for 7 days, to increase brain function. After consistent use, you can call up the method anytime, without using the audio. It’s not just giving you the fish, it’s teaching you how to fish.
C) Summary: The Silva Method was developed by Jose Silva in the 1950s to help people increase their IQ, develop psychic skills, and to develop the ability to heal both themselves and others remotely, using forces unknown to science.

4. “Mirror of the Mind” Exercise by Jose Silva:

Loopworthy?: No just do excercise 1-2x per day. Keep it on your phone.

  • Problem: Our brain gets in the way of doing tough tasks. I’m too distracted. I don’t know what the end result looks like.
    Solution: Practice daily before starting your one most important task of the day.



If you’ve ever sold something, these are guaranteed to resonate with you. If you’ve never sold something, these 3 tracks are the start to get the juices flowing. It’s #1 priority to know exactly why your customers buy. Loop these 3 tracks below by Eben Pagan every morning.
What is value? Emergence? …and Why speed of implementation is the skill of leaders.

5. How do I know what is valuable?

Loopworthy?: Yes. I’ve listened to this on loop for hours.

Noone told me this ever. Not in school. Not in university. Not on TV. Not in a book. Why? Ask this question everyday and change your life. Guaranteed you will look at life differently.

A) Problem: We forgot what value is.
B) Solution: Value is a process. Audio below, goes in-depth into how humans value things.
C) Why: Once you understand how people value things, you will see opportunities to create value everywhere in life. Don’t focus on money, it doesn’t work. Figure out how to create value first.
What is value? Solving pains, problems, and or positive emotions for others.


4. How can I get new ideas to stick?

Loopworthy?: Yes. Great for loop to focus. Makes you want to just get it done.

When you get a new idea, implement it right away. It separates you from the pack by learning through experience..

A) Problem: Too many ideas. Indecision.
B) Solution: Ideas are useless, unless you act upon the information.
C) Why: While others get lost in noise, you learn by implementing quickly to get feedback.

5. Why create a franchise system like McDonald’s?

Loopworthy?: Yes. It’s fascinating.

A short version of the book eMyth - Why Businesses fail and why McDonald’s is a successful franchise.

A) Problem: Overwhelm. Not understanding why businesses fail. We focus on the wrong things.
B) Solution: Success is not the focus, it is a side affect. Also called “an emergent”. Create systems so success emerges.
C) Why: Businesses fails because they aren’t setup as systems. Emergence is doing the right things in the right order. Design emergent systems.