Do you know someone…

… looking to join a fast growing start-up? We are promoting recurring events around culture.

Our current project (8-12 month project) involves connecting DIY tiny home builders. Our 2nd group is connecting Airbnb Hosts. Our long-term goal is alternatives to affordable housing.

  1. Community Manager - Events and Social Media

    • Location: Los Angeles / Orange County

    • Requirements: Looking for an intern candidate who can manage multiple social media accounts. The accounts follow primary purpose is to connect people in live events. The events bring together enthusiasts for emerging niche trends like the Tiny House Culture and Airbnb hosts.

      1. Problem: People want to learn more in how to get involved in the tiny house and Airbnb host niches. Our job is to connect them through community building. We would like to do it locally first, then might consider expanding to other markets like SF.

      2. Be proactive in understanding the pains, problems, and desires of the followers and come up with content ideas around this 3x per week.

      3. Write pieces of content on the blog and also post on social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook group)

      4. You will also be responsible to document our processes on how-to grow instagram and facebook accounts

      5. Scouting: Find and locate monthly meetup locations for future monthly events.

      6. If local: Help with photography for our events on our social media accounts.

      7. Photo editing and video editing is a plus.

  2. Content Editor Artist

    1. WHERE: Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County.

    2. WHO: Looking for people who are interested in helping develop photo and video content for our real estate clients.

    3. WHAT: Be able to install and use their own photo and video editing software.

    4. WHY: Experience shooting photography and video using Canon SLR and GoPros is a plus but not required. We can provide the content, you will help storyboard the footage into awesome stories.

      For design inspiration see : Peter McKinnon or Matt D’Avella.

      • Drone experience is a plus but not required.

  3. House Care Taker

    1. WHO: Assist on housekeeping and managing multiple units for guests around the world visiting Airbnb properties.

      1. Be able to manage the day-to-day cleaning and restocking of the units.

  4. architects and interior designers interested in collaborating on future designs of units

    • hours per week: flexible