Part 1: first 7 days

I am on my way to the property. 

The biggest problem on a project is not using resources properly due to not knowing what to do next.  

I feel we need to post a checklist for each property. This way we always know what task is next. What task is high priority. Using kanban helps too.  

Today we will go to ikea and Home Depot to pick up the following items:

1. Wood  

2. Bathroom Vanity  

3. Shower head

Pepe is here and starting. 

 Meeting notes 11:35 AM:


  • Unit 1: tenant came in (black 2 sets of knobs, deadbolt + 1 for upstairs) 
  • unit 3: wood plank wall? Keep or replace  
  • no design for bath 
  • Pepe Estimate by 7 PM today: didn’t work today because he needs to go to DMV.  he will come back at 2 pm, and analyze everything and give price at 7 pm today. Only labor. FA pays for materials. 
  • What happens when they don’t have the material?  
  • new cycle: new day. What’s the new cycle?