#032: Your vibe attracts your tribe

During my freshman and sophomore year at Troy High School, I stayed to myself and never went anywhere after school.

I was a new kid in town, since I just moved from Ottawa. It was a new world.  

It wasn’t until Junior year I found my tribe. It was called hip-hop club every Thursday after school next to the cafeteria. Finally I found people like me. 

There was a DJ named Merrick who brought his turntables. Minyoung, Justin, and JJ were b-boys. Everyone was talking about current trends in music. Things felt right.

We could disagree on a lot of other things, but this was the place where comraderie was more important. 

I am not aware of any tribe that was created by someone with a brand new world view, who also went on to lead that tribe. 

There were energy-concious people before Tesla cars, sneaker heads before Kanye’s Yeezy show line...and K-pop fans before BTS. 

The leader of a tribe doesn’t require a brand new world view. 

You just find where people like you hang out. Find ways to create more connection. 

These are the people you can add value to. You already know how they think and feel. You can create meetup groups to meet. Helping to connect others. 

You stand up and choose yourself to lead. You put yourself out there. No need to be nervous, when you’re being your authentic self. Your tribe will ‘get’ you. Tribes accept and support you for who you are.

If you’re pretending to be something you’re not, you will risk attracting the wrong people. The wrong vibe. 

You can start today by finding Facebook groups, forums, Instagram accounts, or Sub-Reddit’s where your tribe hangs out. Chime in and contribute value. Everyone is going through a transition in life. Ask your tribe questions about what keeps them up at night? This is where the hidden needs are. The answer to create real solutions. Then deliver ideas that help them through these transitions of life.