#006: Psychology: Your self-image = your reality

It’s funny, when you force yourself to write one insightful post per day, weird things happen to you.

I woke up today thinking about a book I read a few years ago called Psycho Cybernetics.

The message of the book can be boiled down to:  

The images you hold of yourself in your mind is creating your reality.

So if you want to see something new in your life, change the images you see yourself in. 

Dr. Maltz’, a plastic surgeon, wrote the book in the mid-1900s. 

Dr. Maltz noticed that his plastic surgeries could drastically change the appearance of his patients but a small percentage of his surgeries changed the patient’s internal self-image.

The cosmetic surgery had little affect on patient self image, the image they held in their mind of themselves.

A traumatic experience or teasing from childhood could carry emotions until adulthood.

Today, comparing ourselves to others can affect our self-image. 

Even though schools don’t teach this simple idea,  consistently having a practice of visualizing for 5 minutes can quickly shift your life into experiencing a new reality. 


90% of our MIND is working in the subconcious. It’s in the background.

90% of our MIND is working in the subconcious. It’s in the background.

Implement it today

To speed up the transformation process, I ended up creating a small vision board that I tried to look at everyday.

Write out how you want your perfect day to look like. Include your income, health, and relationships. With as much color and detail.

Google images and print them out.

Cut them out and post to a vision board.

I might write a post about vision boards in the future. Here are two videos on creating a vision board - this and this