You have no idea how powerful you are. NO IDEA!

I don’t know why, but I feel in this lifetime we will NEVER TRULY grasp and realize how powerful we truly are.

Our tools are 1000x better than what our parents had. With the power of technology, patience, and long term thinking, we have the power to COMPOUND on the ideas we want to SEE 👀 IN THE WORLD. 🌎 Just by saying the idea. Being the idea. Living the idea. Sharing the idea. Saying the idea.

We actually do it everyday.

Without each other, business and commerce would stop ... we wouldn’t be able to do the simple things like enjoy tap water or electricity!!

Every job is honorable...janitor to housekeeper to the guy in the ivory tower... no matter what you do, it’s important and you’re helping someone. 

Now if you can focus on what you’re best at, there isn’t a better time to go for what you feel deep deep inside.

Find people online, as soon as possible, who share the same big ideas that you have.. be hella patient and go for it!

Here’s a Mother Theresa quote: