Note: If you’re not into self-development or interested in maximizing human potential, this post isn’t for you.

My premise for posting this is to convince you that your 70,000 thoughts per day are literally changing who you are at a molecular level.

I recently lost another family member due to cancer this past week. He was an amazing man. I saw him during my last visit to Michigan. We enjoyed conversations about my recent trip to Bangladesh last December (it was my first time since I was 3 years old and it was an eye-opening trip).

I got the horrible news that we lost him due to lung cancer.

Cancer creates an awful experience for its victims.

There’s also very little money being spent in this space. The science we learn in schools and the media covers, is the status quo and will not mention this stuff.

As of 2013, I’ve been researching a lot around metaphysics and quantum healing to basically find the data to prove (to myself) that my thoughts can transform me. It’s just something I haven’t been able to forget.

I feel I’m a little late to the party and just figured this out recently through the research of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton.

What’s causing it?

Can we cure it without chemo?

With more and more cases of spontaneous remissions, the answer is yes.

Spontaneous remissions are cases where a blind person can see again or a person who reverses cancer by thought or belief…yes it’s happened before and patients have been 100% cancer free after being diagnosed.

This is fascinating to me because if someone can cure themselves of cancer, they can do anything with their mind.

Let’s dive deeper.

Based on the studies of Dr. Joe Dispenza in the book called “You Are The Placebo” our thoughts are LITERALLY CHANGING OUR BIOLOGY.

All that gooey stuff in our body is literally TRANSFORMING from our thoughts.

Let me explain.

Trust me it’s worth it, once understood. Potential to change your life.

If you knew how to break out of the matrix and control your reality? Would you do it?

Dr. Joe Dispenza says 95% of our thoughts are subconscious.

95% of what you think about are automatic programs from the past. Likely created by someone else (parents, society, apps, social media marketing programs, corporations, marketers, etc).

So most of our day looks like yesterday, and the day before that. So to create change, it requires new thinking, over long periods of time to influence the subconscious. If you do your bed every morning for 22-66 days, it will become subconscious therefore automatic. Same goes to ANYTHING you want in your life. Do the process as a habit and it will become subconscious.

The biology of our subconcious

Bruce Lipton, PhD says, cancer is NOT created by chance.

It is not an accident.

We are creating our own cancer.


What is the breakdown of our body?


1. BODY: The body (you)

2. HUMAN CELL: 30-40 trillion little itty bitty human cells make up our body.

3. DNA: Blueprint

4. GENE: the genes read the DNA like a blueprint and produce proteins

5. PROTEIN: Lego blocks that transform and create a liver, heart, or lung.  


These 100,000 BLOCKS are like a protein lego kit for our body which shift and form cells.

If you assemble the proteins one way it’s a bicep muscle cell.

If you assemble them that a second way it’s a brain cell.

The pieces are proteins and very complex. 

Now, where do these lego proteins come from?

The DNA is a blueprint to create a protein.  

Why is DNA being a blueprint relevant?

If you go to an architects office, if you asked them, “is your blueprint on or off?”

The architect would look at you crazy, “there’s no on or off silly…”

“The DNA BLUEPRINT can’t turn itself on or off.” 

The mind is the contractor who reads the blueprint.

The right question is:

“Is your contractor reading the blueprint correctly?” .. this would yield a correct answer.  

The contractor reading the DNA blueprint of your body = The mind.

Your mind.  

My mind.

How is cancer not an accident? How do we create our own cancer?

Cancer is 12-14 genes put together. It’s not just one gene. It requires the “put together” of the lego blocks to create itself.

We are creating a cancer by our mind. Likely due to stress (link).

We can uncreate a cancer.

People have spontaneous remissions by changing their minds not their biology. 

Genes (lego blocks) are changeable based on your behavior and the consequences of your behavior.  

A gene is a blueprint.

A gene does not turn on and off.

So it’s how we, as contractors, are reading the blue print, and put it together by our habits which are doing 95% of our subconscious thoughts (average of 70,000 thoughts per day).

Thoughts really do create things. Habits create behavior and change.

This blew my mind, because the better we know ourselves, the less fear we have.

There’s no reason to fear cancer, since over long periods of time we can control our our habits > which change the 70,000 daily thoughts > changes behavior > positively changes the “lego building blocks” (protein) of our body.

The blueprint is there, let’s use it.  

It takes time, patience, and discipline but we can change our reality.

For more listen to this and share it with a loved one:

You are the placebo.