Why loop 528hz and how it affects you?

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How would you like to have a song in your pocket that can lift any mood? That can shift any environment into positive?

The 528 Hertz frequency is the good vibration, a ‘pure love tone’, or the center of sunshine and creation created as music. Vibrates to your heart. This is what Dr. Leonard Horowitz and his colleagues have concluded following fifteen years of research.

Water and frequency

We are are made of water. Words and frequencies affect water.

The brain and heart are 73% water.
The lungs are 83% water.
The skin contains 64% water
The muscles and kidneys 79%
The bones contain 31%.

See how words and music can affect the molecules in your body.

Frozen water experiments by Dr. Emoto show how water takes shape from different emotions. This image shows how positive emotions can convert chaotic states into beautiful sacred geometric shapes.

How did you find it? I was introduced to this exact track (found at top of my page) at my apartment in Costa Mesa by Neil Gaur, founder of Portal to Ascension. This was in the early days, back when we used to check out open mics in Fullerton and we were making conscious type music. Neil was always always very knowledgeable and introduced me to ancient knowledge. It makes sense why his meetup group has become huge! He was tuned in.

I remember we all went to a mind blowing art pop-up by Alex Grey with friends Arezo, Khush, and Neena. It was probably the greatest art I’ve ever seen. Those were the days!

I saw this in person. It was bigger than my living room wall!

I saw this in person. It was bigger than my living room wall!

1. What is the 528 hz frequency?

Human body is 50-65% water.  Here you can see perfect geometry when water is exposed to various frequencies.

Human body is 50-65% water.
Here you can see perfect geometry when water is exposed to various frequencies.

  • 528hz is the same tune of your heart’s frequency, the most powerful energy center.

  • There’s still a lot of research to be made, but I have no reason to write about a “woo woo” topic unless it worked for me.

  • For me, it released stress at any time of the day. I can always drop what’s bothering me.

2. Why 528hz?:

  • All creation begins with heart: When you were in your mothers womb, at one point you were only a beating heart, without arms, legs, or a brain.

  • Heart has a brain: There are 40,000 cells found in your heart, made from the same matter as your brain. A tiny space that is 4000 times magnetically more powerful than the brain.

  • Heart is multi-dimensional: Your brain is limited by amydelia which is a fight or flight response, and the 5 senses of the “3D world”. The same physical material world that animals respond to. Whereas your heart, like dolphins and whales, vibrate on a higher frequency. The heart also has its own brain. By tapping into the heart’s energetic fields, you are connecting to energy levels beyond the brain.

3. Where else do we see 528 hz?

  • Heart: 528 is known as the love frequency, a binaural vibration tuned to the same frequency of the human heart.

  • Sun: The sun resonates at 528 hz. Humans are made from the same elements of earth, we are sensitive to this energetic frequency of life A444 =528.

  • Plants on Earth: 528 nanometers of light radiates the color greenish-yellow. Yes the color of chlorophyll–the pigment in plants that produces oxygen carries with it electrons vibrating in sync with the center of every rainbow. 

  • Music: 528 Hertz frequency of sound is the miracle tone, in the original Solfeggio musical scale. The “MI” key, or third note of six ancient tones…used to chant the most spiritually-uplifting angelic chant in Western religions–The Hymn to St. John the Baptist.:

4. What if we don’t use the love frequency?

  • Limited reality: We limit ourself to the brain, which is susceptible to its amygdala. The mechanism that kicks off a fear response.

  • People die from a broken heart: Why is 528 healing to the soul? Love is the biggest healer.

  • 6th sense: Not leveraging your multi-dimensional energy. Gut feeling.

  • With our phones always being on us, we are wasting opportunities to tune into frequencies of love, faith, joy, compassion, and bravery.

5. So how do I use it?

Just keep listening to it on loop. I’ve listened to it while driving, working, or writing. We also play it as ambiance in the background. I’ve listened to it while I slept to train subconcious. There’s really no way to do it wrong.

See what happens.

You can download it here free. Save it to a playlist on your phone for offline use.


P.S. I’ve been told the whole Milky Way’s resonance and possibly the whole universe resonates at 528 hz. Waiting on research to back this up. Could be big breakthrough.