Why is being self-taught powerful?

Is there anything wrong with being self taught? 

Your perspective is your power.

Not the degrees that you hold. 

The best investors I've met are self-taught. They learned through action. 

Christopher Nolan (director of Inception and Interstellar) is self-taught and never went to film school. As an action of true minimalism, in his first film The Following, he learned how to make an award winning film with $4000 and limited resources and time constraints.

Music producer Pharrell Williams (producer of the song "Happy") described that in today's time, it's not about the budget or money that you have, but the idea and message behind your work. 

There are exceptions to the rule

A) Now just keep in mind, I am coming from a background where my South Asian culture places extremely high empasis on degrees. I am proud that our community pushes each other to strive for the best version of ourselves through education. I have family members in the health, technology, and science fields who would likely disagree with me. 

B) If you are working within an ego-construct system like government, universities, or hospitals degrees are held with high-degree. I wouldn't want Joe Blow doing double bypass on my grandfather. 

C) Another example is if you are seeking immigration to the United States, degrees hold high value. This is an entirely different situation. 

My good friend that I still keep in touch with from 3rd grade just recently completed a graduate degree and he said the 2 things he learned is that he could learn most of the graduate study material through YouTube and it's not what you know but who you know.  

So how can we separate ourselves? 

Devoting yourself to one idea for long periods of time until success. 

Devoting yourself to an idea that will create massive value to others. What you give is what you end up getting in return.