What's is in my bag?

I'm always focused on carrying less things in my daily backpack. My backpack has now become a professional duffle bag.

I will be updating this post with pictures soon.

  1. No label duffle bag
  2. MacBook Pro with SSD
  3. Camera: Canon T3i with prime lens, charger, and disk.
  4. iPhone 6: I bought the 6 plus brand new and found it to be too big although it did have an amazing battery and screen. I traded it in for the iPhone 6 strictly on size.
  5. Checkbooks: company and personal  
  6. Leather man mutli-tool knife
  7. A lot of pens. A lot. 
  8. My black notebook
  9. I don't carry a wallet. All my credit cards or health cards are inserted into my phone cover so they're always with me
  10. Bamboo Fun CTH-461: Pen and a tablet for drawing on your screen

Updates with pictures coming soon. 


P.S. I just published my second post to medium: 

1. Feb 28: What I learned after blogging for 7 days into my 365-day challenge. 

2. Feb 23:  Why I chose to blog once a day for 365 days instead of creating podcasts or Youtube videos