#037: Know your MBTI, major life hack

For some reason, I had an itch earlier in my life to read as many self-development books as possible. Sounds cliché… I know.

I had zero exposure to anything outside of “traditional school” until I moved to California.

After reading at least 80+ books on self-development, I believe the MBTI test can help 10X your life. Sounds gimmicky, but let me explain.

If there’s one thing I want to convey from writing this post, is to “know thyself” better by researching your MBTI type.

“Know thyself” - Socrates

When I was in my early years of high school, I was an awkward teenager.

I didn’t know what I was going to do as a career. I couldn’t see how I was going to fit into the world.

I didn’t have the information.

I wish I knew my MBTI type when I was in high school.

What is MBTI?

MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It is a personality classification system that breaks down common traits into eight corresponding letters:

  • E (Extroverted)

  • I (Introverted)

  • S (Sensing)

  • N (iNtuitive)

  • T (Thinking)

  • F (Feeling)

  • J (Judging)

  • P (Perceiving).

Star Wars characters by MBTI type.

Star Wars characters by MBTI type.

In my opinion, MBTI tells you what video game character you are.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can lean HARD into your strengths.

16 personality types ranked by % of the population.

16 personality types ranked by % of the population.


Most of my family were engineers. I lived in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan where most of the successful people I knew worked for the big 3 automakers GM, Ford, and Chrysler as engineers.

After graduating high school, I went into engineering in college.

I was a product of my environment and I figured engineering would get me a job at the big 3. That’s what I did. Plus I loved math, it made sense.

A new life

I worked for Chrysler for a few years until I decided to make a drastic change.

I told my parents at 23 I would be moving to California in 10 days. At the time, I had an intense desire to change my environment.

I figured if there was a time for a big change this is the best time to go for it.

California was new sights, new experiences, and new thinking.

How inner conflict sapped my mental energy

After moving down, someone told me to read a few self-development books.

I had a lot of inner conflict during the first 5 years after university. I was changing from the books I read but couldn’t find a way to integrate the new me into the working world.

This inner conflict burned tons of time and energy internally, as a bioligical human, that’s all we have.

Knowing what I know now, I feel I would’ve saved tons of energy if I knew my MBTI type!

MBTI types in the population.

MBTI types in the population.

There are 16 different personality types.

My results of John’s MBTI test.

My results of John’s MBTI test.

I’m an ENTP.

Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

Sharing my type online is a bit weird but it helps you understand my blog better.

Other well known ENTP’s are Kanye West, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ray Dalio, and Steve Jobs.

I heavily relate to these guys when I watch their interviews.

So how accurate is ENTP for me? I’m skeptical of any new information, but this has been scary accurate for me. I will share more about how the self-awareness has made my routines more effective and improved my communication with the people around me.

Camaraderie with others like you? A tribe.

After I locked down ENTP, I found subreddits and Youtube videos who think and feel just like me. I read about others who overcame challenges with the same personality type as me. Lots of wisdom (Wisdom only happens

I wish I knew this earlier in my life!

If you don’t know your MBTI, you might wasting time and energy in work and romantic relationships. By knowing your MBTI, you will learn how to better handle social situations.

How to start

So how do I find out my MBTI type?

Two ways:

  1. Website: You can start by using John’s test.

  2. Video: Watch this video and follow with it.

This video was created by a fellow ENTP, and is the best video I found to help you find your type. It will also help type anyone you know. It’s worth the 30 minutes.

Also save this image: