4 Useful Automation Apps for Investors

I thought I would share a few useful apps that have saved me time.  

Evernote: Your Brain in the Cloud


 I literally back up my life on Evernote. It's become my digital brain and is currently my most used app. I use it to make buyers and sellers lists. I create notes on Evernote that are searcheable. I also use it for my daily journal.

I am 100% paperless right now using Evernote by scanning every document into Evernote. This has reduced clutter in my office. Great zen habit.

Genius Scan: Pocket PDF Scanner 

This is the scanner-on-the-go. I use it everyday. It auto skews and cleans up images pretty well. I don't use my old school flat bed scanner and has sometimes replaced using the ScanSnap to scan directly into Evernote.




Google Docs: Documents on the Cloud


Cloud tools like Google Docs is quickly replacing the pocket 16GB thumb drive. This app is an alternative to using your desktop computer and adds flexibility to accessing your files from anywhere, anytime. Google could improve spreadsheets which is a bit cumbersome to edit and there is no password protection like Dropbox.  

Dropbox: Cloud Document Storage


I use Dropbox to share documents with buyers and sellers. You can create share links directly to folders and files with password protection.

Sidenote: Dropbox recently bought Mailbox App which has quickly become my go-to email app on my iPhone. It was just released in April 2014 for Android. 



Loopnet is the commercial version of the MLS. You can find strip malls, apartment buildings, mobile home parks, etc. To see all the listings it is $70/month.

I found most of the deals to be overpriced. Loopnet has been useful in finding awesome brokers in targeted areas. I just call them up and explain what I'm looking for then follow up with them. Brokers are busy, so make their job easy by following up every 2-4 weeks.