Summer 2016 Update from Iowa

It's 4:30 am in Iowa and I'm at my sister-in-laws. I've slept about 4.5 hrs in the past 2 days. I was sick with a stomach flu and doing way better now. We were here for 1-week my nephews high-school graduation (Go Russell!! So proud of you) and about 5 hours away from a flight to Vegas..

Wow what a year. As much as I keep up with everything (I read everything I can get my hands on), this site feels like a dinosaur. The domain wasn't connected, my twitter went private, lol. Seriously unplugged! 

What happened dawggg?

So... I thought my daughter had energy, my son has about 5x that energy and doesn't see sleep as something necessary! lol

My last post on was the night BEFORE I had my son...who's now almost 1 years old. My oh my, have things progressed a lot in the past year. I'm talking hyper accelerated.  

All I can say is that literally my life has took every turn  you can imagine. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I mean everything. So many things are implemented in my life right now, that we're even on the radar about a year ago. I'm talking from financially to where I actually live lol. 

I found that with all the rapid change, I stuck to a few habits I learned through the books I read and focused on self-development first. The morning ritual that I had is seriously priceless. There's no doubt in my mind that I need to wake up everyday by at least 4-5 am so I can focus on myself first and get the big things done first thing in the morning. Saying and executing are two different things. But once I did it for a period of time and saw the results, it's hard to go back to waking up late. 

Game changer

One powerful practice was being focused on a daily "one thing" goal. What I can get done "Today" (due to the time limitations of business, kids, personal life, and travel)... Essentially I've had to figure out ways to use my time way more effectively. Focusing on priority.

I am still not sure how some of my new business associates that I've made in the past year would react to my blog, since I reveal more of me through here. Not sure if it matters, but I guess we'll find out through experience. This blog doesn't have any use in what I do on a day-to-day, which is why I love it. I can share my crazy ideas here. (anyone realize that we're probably the most transparent generation for our future grand children? I wish I could trace back my roots to my ancestors and see what they did! Our grand children will likely know everything about us)


Back of my mind

I always knew I would come back to this blog when I was ready, and it's been itching me to get everything back in full swing.

 I also LOVE unplugging, and just observing everything.  Listening more and just putting your head down and putting in the work. I'm listening to only a handful of audio tapes (Think and Grow Rich, Bob Proctor rips off of youtube, 2 Eben Pagan rips off of youtube, that's it).

My thing right now is focusing on the process and the practice of becoming better everyday. I know there's value in documenting it. The blog doesn't always translate into the things that I'm doing, but I like coming back here to see what I wrote and also laugh at myself or learn something. I have a weird thing of becoming formal with things, then wanting to be totally unformal and just let things out the way I see it. I've grown to despise fitting molds. More about creating a consistent pattern that works for me. Then everything else just falls into place. 

Not going to make any promises (365-day challenge anyone?), but I'm looking forward to translating my "organic energy" (is that even a thing?) into posts. As Jim Rohn says, "work harder on yourself, then on your job" I find my blog is becoming more about self-development than anything else. 

I am going to try not to force anything and just let it come out, let it flow. See where it takes us.

Anyway, we got a flight out to Vegas today. Then to LAX, then back on the grind. 

I swear SoCal life is a bubble in itself. It's a mixture of the "fast life" but with a ton of nature to stay rooted (if you make use of it). Looking forward to sharing more! 


EDIT: I just looked back at my old posts, my last post on this blog before I posted this, was the day BEFORE I had my son! haha. I don't even remember what it was like then, but it makes sense now, that I got really busy! 

Excuse the honkey broken links on the site, I'll get it fixed over a period of time. I figured I'd take the first steps and take the advice of Eben and doing the "speed of implementation" thing and getting this post up.