Ideas and "The Law of Average" by Jim Rohn

There's nothing so powerful as an idea that comes at the right time.

There's nothing so powerful as an idea who's time has come.

The best speakers and entrepreneurs have a common pattern.

They share profound ideas in a simple way.

The change starts with an idea.

Entrepreneurs consistently face obstacles during the implementation process to bring an idea to life. These changes which might be often misunderstood at first. This is where Jim Rohn shares his story of how we must always be sewing. 

An idea can rewrite our future.

BUT what is the exact science behind an inspired idea never "taking root". 

Jim Rohn simply says, it's the "birds" that keep you from planting your seed and the birds are apart of life. Don't try to change them. 

Jim Rohn shares how distractions are simply a part of life and we shouldn't use our energy to change it, but to understand it's there and to keep on sewing. 

My favorite quotes "The Law of Average":

"Obvious is the best teacher. "

"Ambition is an admirable quality"

"You can chase birds but now you’re off trying to straighten things out"

"See it how it is, not how you wish it were to be. "

"Some people would rather get even then to get ahead. "

"If you are out chasing birds, you are not sewing anymore and you’re chances are going down rather than up."

"ignore the birds, and keep on sewing"