Coming into being the best version of you

As we are engulfed in distractions, in our fast-changing world, our "fast feed" world, sometimes all we need to do is just get out of our own way.


Just allow ourselves to focus on our high-leveraged tasks and allow it to manifest. It is not what we think we should've done, but what we do that becomes who we are


Why be the best version of you? 

  1. Time is the most valuable asset.
  2. Why not spend time doing what you feel is the most highest and best use of your time? 
  3. 95% of success is just showing up and to get out of your own. Simple and easier said, than done.
  4. By working on being the best version of you, you will attract opportunities that are in alignment to you.
  5. Opportunities will lead to more opportunities, and more like-minded people. 

The distractions of the world try to pull us away from being the best version of ourselves. 

4 ways to align with the best version of yourself 

To be in full alignment is not a one-time event, but a process that takes time and repetition to build the habit. Here are a few ideas that I've been doing: 

  1. Spend 30 mins at the park
  2. Read a book that applies to your life right now 
  3. Watch an inspirational movie the write down how it may relate to a situation you are facing right now
  4. When you feel really good during the day and the energy is flowing through you, do something creticr to instill the moment into memory like: 
    1. Write a short story that reflects your life at the moment. 
    2. On a walk, take pictures of the surroundings that inspire you
    3. Shoot a video of yourself describing the positive feeling so you can look back at it later. 

Again, these Excercises require repetition and over time, it can expand your creativity and also inspire you to push further on your daily goals. 


P.S. Another speedy technique to stay positive is to focus or meditate on a happy thought for 17 seconds. This will grow to other happy thoughts.