#011: Synchronicity is the word that made me who I am today


Today, I wanted to see the ocean and stopped by the yachts out at Newport Beach. Interesting to see people sleeping in yachts overnight, must be an interesting lifestyle to live on a boat.

Every morning I drop off my daughter at school and enjoy eco-therapy aka an hour in reconnecting to nature with my son. I use this time to visualize what my day will look like and write about it in my journal.

I thought to myself about my new posting challenge and bringing my ‘offline energy’ to the digital world in my own authentic way. The same entrepreneurial energy that kept me going in my offline business.

My goals in the last 3-4 years being unplugged on social media was focused on building a property management business while working on hard on being a better human.

I did harbor one big fear during this period of time. This is the fear that held me back from posting the past few years.

This was a fear of judgement from others. A fear of what the corporations would see if they googled my name. What would they think when they find a blog of me speaking so freely about life?

But I realized this, I get along with almost everyone I meet. I genuinely try to get to know them. I feel I owe it to my mom, she was the linchpin of my family growing up, she was always the sweetest person around new people, and always willing to do things without personal gain when things would go wrong. This lead her to healthcare. 

So if I am just authentic in how I share my content, then after an important business meeting they look me up and learn a deeper side of me on their own time, wouldn’t that only help me build a stronger relationship faster? 

Literally 90% of our business Is run online. A lot of our local competitors have no online presence.

So with social media accounts being offline, obscurity is my biggest weakness. People that I do business with, not knowing me. Normally, in my ‘offline unplugged years’ I have to meet people a few times to let them know I’m a real dude. So why was I scared about corporations judging me again? 

How could I not use all these amazing tools? Why did I not give myself permission?

At this moment in time, I felt the feeling of being left behind...but deep inside I knew I could get back into it if I just bring the same ethics to the digital world. Then the fun began. If I commit to getting better and better and being consistent, over a long period of time, with the law of synchronicity, my actions will bring the people, resources, and experiences that I need to deliver my message. 

By giving myself permission to use social media again has been liberating. 

I literally renewed the domain helloswat.com 2 weeks ago on Nov. 11 hoping that my layout was still there (yes, Squarespace saves your layout, images, and posts after you make payment!). I was a wordpress nerd in the past and still have a few wordpress sites on Bluehost.com for our customer’s login pages, but I can’t be bothered doing anymore coding for my own site, I just can’t. I need the speed. So Squarespace it is.

I dusted off my Instagram account where I deleted most of my photos from 2009-2015. I started connecting with others on Twitter and started going though tutorials on YouTube on gear, lighting, editing, etc.

Wow, things have come so far since 2015. Gear prices have dropped. Awesome tutorials are more readily available. Anyone new to the content creation world has it so good now. The EDU on YouTube has stepped up.

So I look into my past to remind myself what mindset got me to where I am right now in my life. 

It was when my mindset changed, in the past, that everything started to change around me.  

I grew up in Canada. If you told me you would be living in Southern California when I was in middle school playing ice hockey with my friend Baj, I wouldn’t believe you. I never felt the urge to ever live in the US. I loved Canada. How did this all happen? It started with an idea that persisted over time.

When I moved to California, I had no family here. I never visited. It wasn’t until I arrived and couldn’t believe they built cities next to mountains and in February it was 70F, sunny, and a cool breeze. It was so strange to me.

When I started my business, I had 0 business experience. No one in my family or my wife’s family had a running a business at the time. It was difficult, I lost money, and I had to read, and put myself around people that knew what they were doing. I beta tested everything to find things that worked. (I will share some of the miracles that happened along the journey in future posts).

I just knew I wanted to follow my own path because I saw how fast technology was changing during my first 2 jobs out of college. The phones were getting better, internet was faster, and older people in my family kept saying they had to keep up with a new programming language. II feared that my skills would be obsolete if I worked corporate by 2025. 

So going back on what I learned in my life, I’ve started from 0 many times in my life. But how can I get my ideas out in the world in the way that I envision them?

Every piece of digital content I publish is a beta, it has a shockwave value assigned to it. It might compound over time or it might not. My satisfaction comes from investing my time and if I feel it could be valuable to at least one person, I publish. This is what drives me to keep publishing. I am happy as long as I am 100% aware of the power I have. Where I get to choose to publish content for the positive or for the negative. Commit to one and test, test, test. 

We forget the power each and every one of us have.

Ever say something to someone and they don’t talk to you for 7 days? That’s the impact our words have on the people around us. This is motivating to me.

Therefore, everything I am experiencing today in the world is a reflection of ideas that reside inside me. I am responsible for it and I accept the reality that I’m living in now. It’s a mirror of me.

What is happening now, is exactly what was supposed to happen. I am where I am meant to be.

Synchronicity is a word that states everything is connected and random occurrences are actually mathematically driven and not random.

There’s a time for everything and our reality operates in mathematical cycles: seasons, winters, summers, menstrual cycles, moon cycles, etc. These cycles drive our planet.

History repeats itself in cycles.

These are the rhythms of earth. Shown to us in predictive patterns.

Operating in mathematical cycles. 

You can alter your reality by creating your own mathematical cycle with consistency and habits. By placing your idea into the world, over and over again, getting better every time you do it.

I’ve realized I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. I’ve been extremely patient around the things I’ve dreamt about and now I have made a 12 month commitment to myself. I will adjust my direction as I go. It’s a rocky ride, but I want to share it this time around. If it’s anything that I’ve experienced the last few years, the work had to be done, and I began to enjoy just doing it.

I have lofty goals for myself and it’s the habits that get me there. It’s a lonely road but I hope to show up everyday for my family and my vision. Just show up.

It’s hard to work towards something that has no immediate result…but so exciting, fun, and fulfilling at the end of the day to create something that didn’t exist before.

Therefore, what is happening right now, is exactly what is meant to be happening. It is a result of what I’ve done in the past and my exterior is an expression of what’s inside. 

Synchronicity broken down… .

Sync is when things happen simultaneously at the same time.

Chronos means time in Greek.

City is a place. 


Based on the law of rhythm, there’s no accidents in life. It’s just math. 

Posting daily to me is like working out. Flexing a muscle to get better at telling your personal story.