Managing energy: Refreshing 10 mins every morning with spiritual energy fuels your day


 "Just as butter exists in milk, 'the energy of conciousness' exists in every living human being. Knowing this, the wise keep their attention on the timeless. The mind is the seed for the body. Whatever the mind thinks of, that alone it sees." -Deepak Chopra MD

This post is not about what you believe in but the benefits of spiritual energy from the book, The Power of Full Engagement.


With so many distractions in our day, it feels great waking up and giving yourself time to refresh. With a habit every morning, it is most effective in assisting us to slow down, focus within, and and also become more aware of yourself before you tackle the day. 


Why should I include a short period in the morning? 

Energy is what we are trying to manage not time. 

The energy and focus we output is our power to get things done. What you focus on, grows. 

A morning spiritual practice fuels your passion, commitment, integrity and honesty.  

Your character is your muscle to serve your spiritual energy. 

The Power of Full Engagement  

The Power of Full Engagement  

How: So Swat, how do apply it?

1. Do a short morning ritual with a prayer and/or read 1 page from a spiritual book. 

2. Track it using a my #PWRUP worksheet (that you can download here) or use the app

Note: This takes me only 10 mins in the morning and is very refreshing.  

You may also want to try the Headspace meditation app, recommended to me by Grand Rapids, MI resident doctor Nabeel Ahmad:  




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P.S. Here's the worksheet for you to use for your morning ritual.