Think infinite: 3 ways to play, short-term, long-term, and infinite



This is my first post on my new blog. I’ve always shared my thoughts on blogs but I knew I needed a new home, so here I am.

I’ve never thought why I like to post, but I think I’ve got it down. It might change in the future, but I feel strongly about this. The infinite mindset.

I wanted to share why I blog and how it’s important today, and why it will be important for me in the future. Hoping that it also might inspire you to blog and share your words and ideas so you can look back at yourself, to see how far you came.

The infinite mindset:

It’s a mindset. It’s psychology. It’s a way of doing things.

I’ve met people who measure their next move in 20 second flashes.

They will take action ONLY if they expect a return.

An immediate ROI.

These types of people will sell hard. They will get you to buy an expensive car at the dealership or jump in their taxi to go downtown. For the quick return on their time.

Then there are those people who play long-term.

They build up trust one piece at a time not expecting an immediate ROI but a long-term return.

They add value to a conversation. They add value to assets. They win after paying their dues. 

Then there are those playing the infinite game. This is completely unique from the previous two.

They give without expecting a reward. No expectations. In their minds, the game doesn’t end by “winning the championship” because just playing without expectations is THE SCARCITY.

We all play on the same field with the same 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. There will always be a winner and a loser. That's the nature of the world we live in.

The givers give so everyone can take, therefore everyone benefits. They will play softer defense to let others score. Because what is a game without scoring? Make assists.

This is online content creation. Giving without expectation. This is a long game with infinite potential.

The question is then, why do it? Why not go for the immediate ROI?

By the simple act of giving, you feel rewarded.

You win now, you win long-term, and you win on the infinite game.

You know people like this in your life and hold a special place for you whether you are aware of it or not.

Example? A single mother morally raising a family…is actively playing the infinite game. They have NO immediate reward, however long-term, her grandchildren will be raised with real values. 

In today's world, with an infinite game model, you have the potential to create abundant resources that reside online. Since wisdom is power, the platform of your blog can become the psychology and foundation behind great businesses, schools, and organizations.

…just by creating content that you believe in.

The question will boil down to:

Why are we playing? What is the purpose?

My answer is for the infinite mindset. To give without expectation so I can share tools and strategies that improves productivity 10x. 100x. Infinite X.

How? I can create a blog post once and share it to anyone in the world with just a string of characters called a hyperlink. That is equivalent to being able to pull out any page in my notebook from any period of time. Powerful if you ask me. Welcome to my journey.


Update: Just looked back and saw this was my first post on this blog. I still find this post to be relevant. Here’s an article that expands on The Abundance Mindset. Hope you enjoy!