#034: The opposite of focus is distraction. Your #1 enemy for productivity


I notice that we easily give away our attention, without regret. 

Call it fear of missing out, boredom, or depression. 

The truth is humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. They lose focus 6 times every minute.

The #1 productivity problem that corporations will face in 2019...is distraction.

Focus is a superpower.  

When you play your favorite game, will you roll over and die or will you fight to the end?

The moment I decide to engage in distraction, and take myself away from a task, it takes 20-180 minutes to get my mind back into the state before I lost my focus. 

Companies spend BILLIONS of dollars to distract you. They want you to be neurotic with ADHD.

They MAKE MONEY by breaking through the noise to get your attention. Why? Because MAYBE you will think about them when you make your next purchase. 

What happened to “So and So, he said he was going to be here, we were expecting him”. 

”Oh he didn’t make it, he got caught up”. 


Someone benefits from your loss of focus. They got your attention. You gave it away. They won.

What separates those that never make it and those that win, is where they put their attention.  

Where attention goes, focus grows.  

In the past 6 years, while off social media, I’ve been RELENTLESS against distraction.

My home screen is now 4 icons, and I still feel there’s too many icons. I force myself to be intentional instead of reactive. I have to be intentional with search to find apps, instead of getting a dopamine fix everything I see a shiny  Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube icon. 


I turned off all my notifications. 

For this post I put my phone in airplane mode, then put it in a drawer. Because if I see it, my mind is thinking of ways to use it. 

Most of your competition will be able to do short spurts of work and finish small tasks, but most have lost the ability to focus for long periods of time. 

Get in the zone and accept chaos will happen.

A bill always has to be paid.

A TV show wants to be watched.

There’s an email screaming for attention.

But it can wait.