Overthinking vs. Overdoing

Overdoing will always beat overthinking.  


One thing I learned in my journey is that overthinking almost always leads to negative thoughts and inaction. Also, due to the current fast-changing market, if you don't implement your good ideas quickly almost always another new idea will take its place over your great idea. 

Success loves speed  

Whereas when you take action fast, even if it's the wrong action in the beginning, you will end up far ahead than someone who over thinks and spends his time working out a perfect plan. 

Warren Buffett said that the biggest thing he regrets are the deals that he didn't do because he was too busy analyzing the numbers over and over again. 

Take action and correct course along the way

Whatever big goal that you're stuck on right now just go out there and do it and correct course along the way. Action with tiny adjustments along the way. That is where your superpower is. 

Quick excercise:

Rather than building the perfect system for your business before starting work, instead start the "doing part" of the business then open up a single Google Doc and document the process you are doing. You will move far ahead than reading the perfect book about processes.


P.S. If you are looking for a book about processes check out E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work