#031: Life is like a James Bond movie 🎥

Thanks to Amazon, we can now buy rare books from around the world.

I was chatting a few days ago with Dave Jam about non-fiction books. I told him, “I heard reading books about fantasy before bed can help you get you into a dream state before sleeping”. 

He said recommended me this book with a strange name called ‘Kafka On The Shore’.  

I ordered it on Amazon same day and after the first chapter, my mind was blown:  

Just got it in the mail... here in my lap!

Just got it in the mail... here in my lap!

Here’s an excerpt from Kafka on the Shore, you may never see yourself the same after reading this quote!: 


This is my interpretation:

Life takes you in directions you never expected. On your journey you will face ‘cuts from a thousand razor blades’. It’s built into the school of life...no matter what stage of life you are experiencing you won’t be able to tell if the storm ended... and therefore the thing that you can be 100% certain about is that you won’t be the same person at the end of the game..that is what life is about. 

Reminds me of a classic James Bond movie.  

A classic hero’s journey.