#044: Nature Loves Courage! Taking Action Despite Fears

Today, I spoke with a few people about daily posting.

I asked them what they thought of it.   

Their major pains and problems?

Most issues were about not knowing what to post on a daily blog. This is exactly why it's so amazing. It doesn't come naturally to anyone. It requires creativity and making it a habit.

I feel those emotions each day I post.

What I noticed is our brain is our enemy.

Especially when we do something new.

I remember the first few days of daily posting, I didn’t tell anyone. I kept it private.

It was as I had to prove to myself I could do it. Getting familiar with the writing tools, finding the best time of day, and editing the posts. It took time.

Every time I opened up my notepad I had writers block. So I started writing as if I was writing in my journal.

Then that mind dump would split up and become multiple posts. .

The side effect of daily posting was realizing writing was therapeutic. Totally unexpected.

Hitting publish became easier and easier.

It actually became fun once I started moving my fingers and typing.

I didn’t want to break the chain after post #5. I mean I made it this far right?

It’s the truth. It has no past reference points. It’s never been done.

Later in the conversation, I kept asking questions and we moved from curiosity to a spark of wonder.

What if I do commit? What if I made a little promise to myself to put attention on just 1 post? What would the Compounding Effect look like after 7 posts?

30 posts?

100 posts? 300 posts?


It’s at this moment I knew something clicked. The human potential. Commitment removes obstacles and just shifts yourself into higher purpose.

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles.
— Terrence McKenna

In my experience, no matter who I meet, every human is going through the same emotional triggers.

We all get scared, hungry, and fear our peers judging us.

Will they like me? Is this even interesting? No matter how successful a person is, they all deal with it….look for yourself.

In Kobe Bryant’s book, he said himself, that he was better at handling the pressure because he did more reps.

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.
— Maya Angelou

“So the answer to a world of chaos and distraction, is focusing on your daily post.

Action conquers fear.

The commitment will be wrewarded.

The world will get out of your way. Nature loves courage.

Just focus on the next rep. Action.