#022: My deluded desire?

I wanted to follow a desire. What I felt I wanted at the time.

It was a nostalgic feeling I had from when I was 5 years old. That Coca Cola ...MMMM....it’s just so good with ice on a hot day.

Did I fall for the marketing hype? Maybe.  They get us when we’re young, don’t they?

So I had a soda everyday for 30 days.

I’m on a streak. $0.99 at 7-Eleven and a buck at McDonald’s. Who’s going to stop me? I’m free, I do what I want. 

I gained 10 pounds.

Did I enjoy the icy soda and its sugary high fructose corn syrup? Yes.

Did I enjoy the extra 10 pounds of body weight? No. I realized this desire was not in sync to the wholeness of my body.

My desire deluded me.