Morning Rituals: Reduce decision making, get more done

My coach Rick sent me this about morning rituals:

  • Mark Zuckerberg wears a version of the same t-shirt every day.
  • David Karp, co-founder of Tumblr, eats the same breakfast of pancakes, eggs Florentine, avocado and bacon.
  • Michelle Obama wakes up at the same time (4:30am!) to work out every morning.

Why do they repeat the same tasks every day?

By reducing the number of decisions you make in the morning you're able to maximize the rest of your day and achieve peak performance. 

When your morning routine is kept vague you’ll end up stressed out and rushing around. 

Creating a new morning routine can happen at any age.

  • At 53 the famed novelist Frances Trollope started writing. She was too busy to write during the day because she needed to work for money to support her six children and ailing husband. Instead, she rearranged her morning routine and started writing first-thing before her family woke up. Thanks to a shift in her mornings she wrote over 100 volumes on miscellaneous subjects over the next 30 years, many which went on to receive critical acclaim.

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we all have to start our day in some way. 

If you live to be 80, you’ll wake up about 25,000 times as an adult. Crafting a minimal routine over the next 28 days will save you precious time and energy for years.

Your morning routine is an indicator of what you’ll accomplish throughout your day. By building a simple and meaningful routine you’ll improve your health, happiness and productivity.