Cold Shower Morning Ritual: My experience after a 90 day challenge

For leaders in their field, they're always looking for ways to handle stress from people and obstacles they face. What I found to be a secret that I think everyone should apply, is cold showers. 

My experience after a 90 day challenge:

In short, it helped me conquer fear and procrastination in the morning to focus on my biggest goal of the day, first thing in the A.M. 

There were some unexpected positive side effects that I listed below. 

A) What are Benefits of cold showers? 

  1. Conquers stress, immediately: Makes you grateful. Being grateful is being wealthy. 
  2. Refines your hair and skin: Your hair and skin just feels better.  
  3. Boosts immunity and blood flow: It will improve your blood circulation and immunity to fight viruses
  4. It expands your comfort zone and helps overcome road blocks: It pushes you to strive for more, so what may have stressed you before, no longer affects you during the day. It's like saying, well I handled a cold shower today and that was tough, these tasks are much easier, let's go and do it!
  5. Burst of energy: you feel like you just had an energy drink, without the side effects. 
  6. Stimulates weight loss and speeds up muscle recovery: You know how athletes have cold baths after a game, same concept.  
  7. Natural feeling of gratitude and relieves depression: Again, being grateful can help you overcome depression. 
  8. Productivity and focus: Often right before I start my high-leveraged task, I do a cold shower in the morning. 
  9. Helps you fall asleep: Taking a cold shower one hour before bed helps your body trigger sleep signals and aid in deeper sleep.


B) Why I chose to do it, and you should too: 

  • I found myself hitting roadblocks in my life, which I found to be actually mental roadblocks, and I'm grateful that a friend of mine recommended that I start doing cold showers.
  • I looked it up and just jumped in same day. 
  • My first time, was the hardest one and the worst. I seriously thought to myself, this can't be a real thing, and someone is lying to me.
  • After you get out of the shower, your body is reinvigorated with energy, you become so grateful to dry off and wear clothes.
  • You will feel pumped up like you just finished a quick mile run or you just accomplished something big. It's an early win to the day. 

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