Minimalist: Looping songs to get things done because ideas are viruses


Coming from a minimalist point of view, I saw this shirt the other day, I wasn't sure what to think, other than it's powerful. 


The Internet is full of knowledge, but we should be mindful of what we "let in". As ideas, whether positive or negative, will be seeds, and over time it grow like into a forest. 

Focus your time on "output" and less on "input".

What do you mean by "output"? Output would be doing work, exercising, learning and applying something new, etc.

What do you mean by "input"? Input would be taking in new information, watching the news, surfing social media, etc. When you are "inputting" you are allowing a whole new flow of ideas, that are not yours or filtered, to come into your subconcious. Be mindful of this and only let it what you want to let in. Developing the habit of pruning or necessary endings is crucial. 

I also use simple playlists (see below). 

How can we filter out what we see, hear, and feel?

Reduce "input" and focus on "output": Creating playlists for getting things done:

How to get started today:

1. Getting things done list: Put all your favorite audiotapes into 1 playlist and listen to it over and over again. Ex. One track that I listen to on loop is this one on speed of implementation

2. Relaxation list: Put meditation or relaxation songs all on one playlist and upload it to your smartphone device. Whenever you are working or need to take a break, you can listen to a song from this playlist. 

In this video, I go deeper into why looping songs is a great way to be productive: 

What if you cut out all the different streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora today and created your own productivity playlist? If you developed this habit, would it help you 1-3 months from now? Let me know your feedback through twitter. I hope you found this post useful.