#036: Time & Long-Term Gratification


We’re a few days away from 2019 and I’m looking back in the past year and there’s ONE BIG THING that sticks out to me.

TIME is something we deal with everyday, but it’s one of the most misunderstood concepts in society today. 

How is time misunderstood?

I’ve realized that everything GREAT in my life, took time. Therefore, in the beginning it wasn’t a “fun thing to do” in the SHORT-TERM.

For example, fast food, credit cards, and video games APPEAR to solve a problem now and provides instant gratification...but it’s shoving a problem into a future timeline…rather being done with it NOW.

BUT...everywhere I look around in society today is based on instant gratification, and most of it is coming from social media. 


Either time can work for us (ex. investments) or against us (ex. credit cards). One is filling our future with opportunity and one is stealing from our future.

  1. If we read books now instead of watching YouTube videos, it may not feel as exciting today, but in the future the knowledge will be power.

  2. If we go to the gym today, we have to sweat and work hard now and in the future we will feel great.

  3. If we save money now and invest it, we may feel constrained today, but in the long-term it’s great.

With a slight shift in our focus, everything changes. Our destiny changes. 


  • What is the one thing I can eliminate today from wardrobe to declutter?  

  • What is the one thing I could do today, such that by completing it, will give me long-term gratification?  

Hope that brings insight or a new idea. 

Great projects take time, but you learn something new everyday. KEEP DOING. 


P.S. So does that mean my writing will get stronger after another 100 posts? Hopefully. :)