#016: LAX & Airplanes


My nephew David asked if he could join us for a 5-week project with our company during the holiday season. I wasn’t sure immediately where he could fit in, but he showed excitement and a lot of interest in learning. A lot of the stuff we do is ‘grunt work’ dealing with properties mixed with online digital marketing. It’s a balance of systems that we’ve worked hard on the last few years. I’m sure, since he recently graduated from St. Louis University in Marketing, he will be able to contribute in many different ways. Also, since we are a small company, we’re able to test new ideas quickly (which most large companies companies have challenges doing). 

Here we are picking up David from the airport. 


We stopped by an airport hanger today on a morning walk near our neighborhood. Since I’ve gotten so used to flying commercial airlines I’ve forgot how far we’ve come from these old vintage planes.

These planes were setup in an old hangar like art in a museum. Quite a sight to see. It took me back to the good old days.