Charity: Not-for-profit Miracle Bands


This is a project in the works.

Wristbands inspired by The Physics of Miracles.  

Wristbands inspired by The Physics of Miracles.  

These are what we're calling 100% non-profit "miracle bands" shared by the Emergence Book Club. Some of you may have seen it for sale on the site a few months ago. 

All proceeds will go to orphans through the registered non-profit group I have worked with them for several years and are considered to be highly-reputable within the local community. I grew up with my mother telling me that orphans are considered to be the weakest of mankind because they don't have parents and therefore can be easily influenced and be harmed.

So I've  always made my focus on orphans when it came to charity. Also my grandfather was an orphan at the age of 11. So I've heard heart breaking stories of the challenges he had to face. Don't worry, he turned out great with 6 kids, 1 of them being my mom. 

The Miracle bands are inspired by The Physics of Miracles.

I will have a video up soon on how this wristband can be reminder tool to transform your mindset, integrate tools and resources, and let go of what's holding you back.


Get out of your own way


Miracles happen by getting out of your own way, to allow the miracle to happen.

Letting go, of everything. Then let the morphic field to work through you. I could say this same line in many other ways (allow God's will, etc). But this book is physics based discussing how this higher energy in the universe will give you what you want, if you pay attention and not get side tracked by all the distractions of the world crying for your attention. 

By getting out of your own way you allow success to happen. You allow relationships to happen. You allow work to happen. You allow health to happen.

I am still a student myself to life, and I've continued to test these theories. This book has helped in answering a lot of the questions I've had about quantum physics and quantum mechanics. 

Simply a shift in a state of conciousness, can change every aspect of your life. In one swoop.  

Often it is the owner or the leader of a company that is the bottleneck for growth. So it's important to use reminders and rituals to maximize your potential and let go to allow things to happen. I will be able to explain in much more detail via video, so I don't want to give it all ways just yet. 


The miracle bands will be somewhere between $12-16 shipped.

All profits go to charity. 100%. I don't take a penny. Why am I doing it? Just to give back and hopefully inspire one person to improve their life by 1% with a shift in their mindset or conciousness.

This is also your way of giving back and be engaged in self-development on a daily basis. So it's a win-win-win for all of us.

I've already sold a few and given away a few to our investors from our sample run. So far I'm getting great feedback and people just want to know how it works, which is where the video will come in!

Will keep you posted. 



One side says LET GO. Other side says TRANSFORM. INTEGRATE. I inspected it and they are very high quality. 

One side says LET GO. Other side says TRANSFORM. INTEGRATE. I inspected it and they are very high quality.