Invest in positivity: The law of sewing and reaping

I often run into people who consistently focus on the negative aspects of life. As much as we feel we can solve these problems by focusing on it, we have to avoid it altogether. 

If every day, you were to spend time around negative people, conversations, and news content, what would you get in return?


If you were to invest your time and resources into positivity, in the end what will you get in return?


It's only natural that negativity will breed more negativity and positivity would create a higher chance of positive outcomes. Napoleon Hill proved that in the classic book Think and Grow Rich.

I found this to be true with the most spiritually and financially successful people I've met in my life. The people that created the biggest impact on my life when I did not know what decision to make. 

Invest your time in positivity. Surround yourself in it and fully immerse yourself in it. Make sure you protect it. 

- Swat

P.S. The first time this really hit me in my life was when I watched the secret. Here's the first 20 minutes of it. I try to watch it every once in awhile to keep the ideas alive.