How to create a vision board

What I've found through my experience, the goal for self-development is to become the best version of ourselves.

The best version of ourselves comes from becoming deeper and more aware of ourselves. Finding out what we're good at and keep doing that while creative massive value to a need in the world.

To stay focused, is where the vision board come in. 

Why create a vision board?

The art of creating brings us closer to the morphic field and its synchronicity.

Aligning ourselves to the resonance or emotion of what we want in our lives is the key.

Feeling thankful and the art of gratitude as if we already have it triggers the morphic field (or in other words the universe, earth, synchronicity, etc). 

When we create our own reality, the closer we are to the creative force. As success is always done with other people, in groups. The source energy of the universe around us will bring these people into your life. 

Emotion is energy in motion

Our job is to set the energy in motion.

Put pictures that set off emotions so you can align yourself to the energy resonance that we want to feel in relation to a vision board will set things in motion, at this point you must let go of the way you want it to work and allow yourself to receive something equivalent or better. 

How to create a vision board: 

Set your #1 goal of where you want to be in 7 years.

1. Get a white poster board from Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart for $1-2.


2. Cruise Google images for images that align with your #1 goal. Save the images to your phone.

Note: Focus on images that strike an emotion in your heart. This is where you are using the power of resonance. 

3. Print off pictures at Walgreens for $5 or print them on your printer. Either way works

A few locations have same day pickup:

4. Then use scissors, cut out your pictures and use a glue stick to apply it to your board. 


5. Look at the vision board at least once in the morning and once at night. Feel the emotions of the images and see yourself already attaining what you see. Be grateful and thankful for it. 

Tip: If you want privacy, a safe place to put it is in your closet behind your clothes. 

Or make a smaller version of your vision board, and put it above your visor in your car.  So you can look at it on your morning or evening commute.